Dead by Daylight: disable V-Sync and improve performance

The Multiplayer horror video game Dead by Daylight from the developer Zombie Studios has some pretty demanding system requirements for the rather ordinary graphics. If you have a comparatively slower and older computer, then you will encounter performance issues during gameplay. This is obviously bad, for example if you are on the run from the killer. In this guide we show you how you can improve the performance and disable V-Sync manually.

- Close Dead by Daylight, if you have opened the game.
- Press the Windows key and R simultaneously. The Run dialog box should open. Alternatively, you can also type in the search bar % localappdata%. And look for the folder: \ AppData \ local \ deadbydaylight \ saved \ Config \ WindowsNoEditor
- Look for the Game User Setting file and open it with the editor.
- In this file, search for the bUseVSync command and change True to False.
- Save now and start Dead by Daylight.

Lock FPS for 120 Hz and 144 Hz monitors

If you are still encountering the performance issues, then you can also try with the following to lock FPS.

- Repeat the first three steps of the preceding paragraph.
- Then look for the file engine.ini and open it with the editor.
- Add the following under the text in the file:

bSmoothFrameRate = false
MinSmoothedFrameRate = 5
MaxSmoothedFrameRate = xxx
bUseVSync = false

If you have a monitor with 120Hz, then change the xxx value with 120, at a 144Hz screen change it to 144. Save and start the game again.

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