Doom 4: Improve FPS and PC Performance

Very recently, Doom developer ID Software and the hardware manufacturer Nvidia showed that the Doom also may well run at 120 to 200 FPS with the new graphics card. Now, of course, not every PC gamer has installed a graphics card worth more than $700. And your existing graphic card may not well support to run Doom smoothly.

Before you try the following steps to increase FPS in Doom, you should definitely look at the system requirements. Make sure that your computer meets at least the minimum requirements. Also note that the Doom uses its own engine called ID Tech 6, developed by ID Software for its own games. It is not as flexible as other engines, which is why the FPS and performance increase takes a little longer. Here we will show you how you can get your FPS increase and run your new Doom smoothly on your PC.

Followed these steps to increase the performance in Doom, of:

- Open the folder C: \ Users \ NAME \ Saved Games \ id Software \ DOOM \ base. The Saved Games folder may be hidden. You may have to make visible the folder in Windows.
- Here you will find a file called DOOMConfig.cfg. Open it for example with the editor.
- Scroll down to the bottom and observe the text that is under // =========. Only here you can find the graphics parameters.
- Here only Graphic Basics are listed. However, you can change the parameters to tweak the performance.

Also, you can change the shader to get more out of Doom

- Open Steam and right click on Doom in your games library.
- Click on Properties and select the General tab now specify boot options.
- Here you can find an empty field, now type the following: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4
- ALLAVAILABLECORES takes you about 6 FPS more, while the shader 4 promises a performance boost in older graphics cards.

You can still make further improvements in order to get some more FPS. Start the game and click on Settings:

- Under Video you can first change or reduce the resolution.
- Select Vertical Sync to run more smoothly.
- Also, you can make additional settings under anti-aliasing (TSSAA to SMAA to FXAA etc.) brings you about 5 to 8 more FPS. TSSAA is only recommended with powerful Nvidia cards.
- Even turning off the motion blur brings you more performance.
- Moving to the advanced settings under Video. Reduce the resolution scaling, if you have an older PC, provided that you don’t mind the effect.
- Reduce shadow quality. For each degree Down here you get about 4 FPS more.
- 2 FPS more gain, when you turn off your own shadow.
- The reflective quality can make some. Turn off altogether; you get about 8 to 10 FPS.
- The particle quality saves you only noticeable performance if you own an Nvidia graphics card.
- Reduce other settings on this tab, you will only gain one or 2 FPS.

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