DOOM 4: console commands, cheats - god mode, ammo, weapons

2016 brings us a new DOOM and therefore some gamers are looking for useful cheats and console commands. In our guide, we list all confirmed Cheat Codes for DOOM and their effects.

In some Bethesda games, it is possible to open the console and enter codes and commands. Even with DOOM this is possible and allows you access to various benefits such as the God Mode. Also cheats for weapons, ammunition and upgrades are possible. To open the console you need to press caret key (^). Then you can enter the following cheat codes.

So far, not many cheats and console commands are available, only the God Mode was announced and this ensures that you can become invincible and walk through the areas of DOOM. Those of you who are looking for cheats for infinite ammo, weapons, armor or collectibles, then you have to wait a bit longer and perhaps for the time being you can enjoy the game without the support of cheats and console commands. If you opt for to use the God Mode, you can extract the code from the following list.

God - Enable God Mode (You will be immortal).
G_fov xxx - (Where xxx is an arbitrary number) to view the field (Field of View) Modified.
com_showfps 3 - Shows you the frames per second on the screen.
Listcvars - Shows you the list of all cheats. However, only the God Mode works in the normal retail version.
ListCmds  - Shows you the list of all commands.
/ Timescale x.x - (x.x matches any decimal) Modified the game speed (1.0 is normal, 0.8 is 20% slower and 1.2 is 20% faster).

All cheats and console commands will continuously expand as new information becomes available.

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