Doom (2016) playable demons / monsters in Multiplayer

For the first time in the history of Doom you have the opportunity to switch sides. Besides all this horror, it is now up to you to bring terror among other players or expel them the devil. During a multiplayer game there are demons appear at certain points and each of these demons is powerful and fearsome in its own way. There are four types of playable demons: Baron of Hell, Revenant, Prowler and Mancubus

Baron of Hell

Advantages: This monster is simply spread terror with his long claws and rips his opponents to pieces. With this, can go to groups and bring enemies to the ground, and then move them gradually to fatal womb.

Disadvantages: In the fight against Baron of Hell you should note one thing: remain far from him! Distance is your best protection. His vulnerable points are the head and spinal cord. Focus your fire on these points (if possible during the flight).


Advantages: With this, despite his bony appearance, agile demon you move quickly on the map. Here, the Revenant fly away also by jetpack over his opponents and bring down hail rockets. With his double missile launchers he provides a lot of damage.

Disadvantages: The Revenant is more of a glass cannon. He does not tolerate a lot of damage, and especially his energy core should be taken away from you on the grain, because you can deactivate also his jetpack.


Advantages: As his name suggests, can move quietly and surprise enemies from behind and then quickly disappear. His leaping ability is enormous and so you can quickly distribute your deadly "one-hit". A particular advantage of this demon is the ability to see through opponents through walls. Your opponents are surprised of you while you have enough time to plan...

Disadvantages: The Prowler is miserable in ranged attack and has very little life, which can make him quickly become cannon fodder.


Advantages: This incarnate Bastion endures a lot of damage and trudges slowly through the battle. With this you can be powerful, however imprecise, use up missiles that cause great harm. By missile Mancubus generates a lot of heat, which can be stuck on the one hand in a powerful melee attack, but on the other threatened him with overheating. This demon thus makes you good offensive power in melee and ranged combat.

Disadvantages: Due to his slowness and size Mancubus provides a good target for your remote attacks. Stay away and you can conquer him with automatic fire. Especially his chest cavity is very vulnerable.

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