Dead by Daylight: play as Trapper - strategy guide

In Dead by Daylight, the trapper was once Evan Macmillan. He came from a respectable family and he waved a great heritage with a huge fortune. He thirsts for blood. And accordingly, the arms of the Trappers are aligned. He has two ways to be bleeding his victims:

- A huge machete with irregular indentations on the blade. The first slamming your sacrifice is injured. Then there is a small cooldown, which takes about 2-3 seconds and where the trapper wipes blood from the blade. On the second hit the survivor falls to the ground and you can bring him to the hook.

- Bear traps: they are distributed over the entire map. The trapper can only carry a case with him. He must place them and make it before he proceed to the next event.

The Trapper is a monster and his strength is in his hunting because he likes captures people.

As Killer you play always in first-person mode, which means that your field of vision is limited, than that of the survivors, as they have a third-person camera. So pay attention as Trapper especially for noise and light notes such as:

- Click and clack of repair noises at the generators.
- A loud bang and bright light can be heard when a survivor has messed up a skill check the generator.
- Anxious breathing or desperate moan and whine when a survivor is injured.
- Red traces of blood, on the floor or footprints are a time to see if your sacrifice is just run at this point.
- Ravens that hastily flying and cawing in the air are a sign that someone just has passed them.

Move him as a trapper from one place to another and patrolling places where generators are, especially those that are already half repaired because your sacrifices have an interest to return here. Also chests and the trap doors are always good places, if you have only one victim left.

You can find numerous traps on the map. Here are favorable locations to set up the bear traps

- Hidden in the grass
- Before / besides generators
- At the counters of the exit
- Under the flight path of the exit
- Before chests
- Front hooks on which a victim depends (save him ending Players grope like pure)
- Front / rear windows and doors

By the way: The trapper can even tap into his own bear trap. Therefore, you should note about where you have placed the traps. While this will not really hurt you but it will cost you time to free yourself from it.

When hunting, you should not reach your victim directly. Try to search the map to find out any obstacle. Of course survivors want to outsmart, they beat hook, throw pallets or hide. Then run around the obstacle and seek another way, you are faster than the survivors. Pallets can be trampled, but you also get points, but lose time. Some survivors are very cunning; they throw a pallet and then turn around quickly to run back again. Don’t give them a chance to gain the upper hand and hunting should not take too long.

One particular strategy that you have to decide: camping in front of a hook, on which hangs a victim. On one hand, you can be certain that the prey is sacrificed and not rescued by other - perhaps you can also bring 2 victims.

A good strategy for all Killer - also for The Wraith (The Spirit) and The Hillbilly - If the survivors initially only put down and they only move crawling forward. The risk is big that they will be cured, but somehow you should manage to knock down all 4, then you have an easy time.

Dead by Daylight - The Trapper: Perks

The trapper is designed for physical attributes. Force and fear are his strengths. There are three perks for the trapper:

- Brutal Strength: Your immense power allows you to destroy barricades faster.
- Unnerving Presence: Your very presence inspires the other big fear, so the chance is increased that survivors who are in your terror-radius, making mistakes at a healing or repair and so explosions and other sounds trigger.
- Agitation: Your speed is increased as well, as your terror radius while wearing a body.

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