Hearts of Iron 4 (HoI4): Cheat Codes and Console Commands

Paradox Interactive’s Hearts of Iron 4 ( (HoI4) offers you a complex strategy simulation of World War II. In the game, you pick your nation and go into the battle. In this guide we show you some cheats, codes and console commands for Hearts of Iron 4. Check them out below:

To activate cheats and console commands in Hearts of Iron 4, you must first open the console, and then enter the codes. These options are available to open the console - depending on the keyboard layout:

^ key
ALT + 2 + 1
Shift + 2
Shift + 3 

Resources Commands

instant construction (ic) - Activate instant construction cheat.
xp (amount of EP) - Give the player experience points for Army, Navy and Air Force.
add_diplo - Diplomacy is added.
more humans (humans) - People are Aded.
pp (fuhrer_mana, political_power) (amount of political power) - Political power is added .
manpower (amount) - Manpower is added.
add_opinion (country code) - the specified country opinion is added.
add_interest (country code) - The given country will be added to your interest.
add_core (Province ID) - The specified province is added to a core.
remove_core (Province ID) - Remove a core.
remove_interest (country code) - Remove the specified country from your interest.
research (Research Course ID or "all") - Technology from a specific research space is explored and all technologies are researched.
research_on_icon_click - Technology is researched, if you click on the Technology Tree icon.
reload supply (relsup) - Start new replenishment systems.
threat (amount of threat) - Display the threat level of a player or increase the same.

Hearts of Iron, HoI4, Cheat Codes, Console Commands


IP - Display your IP address.
time - Display the current time.
version - Display the current version of the game.
fullscreen - Turn full screen mode on or off.
debug_zoom - Zoom into the game.
savegame - Create a new save file.
nextsong - Move to next song in the soundtrack list.
nopausetext - Pause banner is displayed or hidden - suitable for screenshots.
resign - The player will be logged out of Hearts of Iron 4
nudge - Open the nudge tool.
particle_editor - The particle editor opens.
testtool (test) - The testing tool opens.
massconquer (massc) - The mass Conquest tool opens.
deltat (speed factor) - Animation speed is changed by the specified value.
goto_province (Province ID) - The view to the specified province is centered.
goto_state (State ID) - The view on the given state is centered.


debug_tactics - Debug tooltips tactics are displayed or hidden.
debug_show_event_ID - The event ID is displayed.
debug_events - A count of events is started.
debug_diploactions - A census of diplomatic actions is started.
debug_assert - Turn Asserts on or off.
debug_smooth - Turn Frame Smoothing on or off.
debug_terrain - Turn the terrain on or off.
debug_water - Turn water on or off.
debug_borders - Turn the limits on or off.
debug_trees - Turn on or off the trees.
debug_rivers - Turn on or off the rivers.
debug_sky - Turn the sky on or off.
debug_tooltip - Turn tooltips on or off.
debug_nogui - Turn the graphical user interface on or off.
debug_lockcamera - Turn the camera fixing on or off.
debug_achievements_clear - Delete all user statistics and achievements.

Other Cheats / Commands

ai - Turn AI on or off.
human_ai - Turn AI for human countries on or off.
ai_invasion - Turn fleet Invasion AI on or off.
ai_accept(yesman) - The automatic acceptance of AI diplomacy is on or off.
fow(debug_fow) (province-ID Optional) - The fog of war in a province and generally on or off.
collision(debug_collision) - The debug display normal values ​​and collisions on or off.
mapnames - Turn map name on or off.
fronts - Foreign fronts are shown or hidden.
traderoutes - Trade routes are displayed or hidden.
nomapicons - Map icons are displayed or hidden.
poll - Valid events are retrieved.
winwars - In all wars, the maximum war points are allocated.
deleteallunits(DELALL) - All armies and navies of the countries indicated to be destroyed.
theatersrebuild(trebuild) - All commands are deleted and rebuilt applications.
allowdiplo(adiplo,nocb) - Regardless of the rules, all the diplomatic actions are allowed.
observe(spectator) - Your controls no land and observed what happened.
teleport(tp) (province-ID) - Select armies or ships to be teleported to the specified province.
spawn (subunit-Typ) (province-ID) (Menge) - Spawn any unit in the specified province.
moveunit (units-ID) (Provinz-ID) - Move the specified unit in a desired province.
annex (Country code of the destination country) -Annexation is recognized and the specified country is annexed.
whitepeace(wp) (country codes) - White peace is enforced with the specified countries.
debug_nuking - Allow the use of nuclear weapons without testing conditions.
tag (country codes) - Change the symbol to a different country.
instant_prepare - Fleet invasion is prepared immediately.
event (Event-ID) (Country code of the destination country) - Execute the specified event.
testevent (event-ID) (Character-ID) - Test an event without triggering it.
weather - Turn simulation of the weather on or off.
reloadweather (Random placement) - The weather is recharged and random weather conditions are generated.
setowner (country codes) (Federal State-ID) - Specify the owner of the selected state.
setcontroller (country codes) (Province-ID) - The chancellor of the selected province is determined.

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