OnePlus 3: fix / repair most common issues

The OnePlus 3 is available on the market since a few days. There are already on the net some criticisms of the flagship killer. What are your experiences with the top smartphone? Do you have any problem?

Here are some quick fixes for some of the most common problems that OnePlus 3 users face

I am not receiving notifications from WhatsApp

Your OnePlus 3 does not notify you when you receive a new email or WhatsApp message? This can have several causes.

Cause of the problem might be the power saving mode function "Doze" from Android 6.0. Close the concerned Apps. There may also be a problem with the Google Cloud Messaging Service (GCM). Remedy should, according to several users in OnePlus forum the App "Push Notifications Fixer".

Bluetooth connection fails or is unstable

The OnePlus 3 can not connect to your speakerphone via Bluetooth or the connection breaks down after a few minutes.

An incorrect or unstable Bluetooth connection can have many causes. In our guide to solve Bluetooth problems we introduce you to common issues along with possible fixes.

Colors are not displayed correctly on OnePlus 3 screen

According to the manufacture this is not a hardware defect. OnePlus confirmed that it is not using sRGB as the color profile, but NTSC. With the next update OnePlus will release sRGB mode for the OnePlus 3.

Apps are rapidly cleared from memory

You love to use numerous parallel Apps but despite 6-gigabyte memory, many applications need to be constantly reloaded

OnePlus 3 is on a very aggressive memory management. The main memory (RAM) needs to cleare frequently to conserve battery power. With an engagement in the system file "build.prop" you can edit the RAM management.

Users need to increase the value of 20 to 36 or 42 in the line "ro.sys.fw.bg_apps = limit"

The following video shows you how to change the file.

Your experiences and problems with the OnePlus 3

Is the RAM management the only thing you dislike in the OnePlus 3 or there are other problems? We are interested to hear your experiences with the flagship killer, post them in the comments below.

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