Samsung Galaxy S7 - Edge: fix / repair most common problems

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are currently available on the market. But not all the users are satisfied with their Galaxy S7 (Edge). Many users complained about "Bluetooth connection issues" and problems with the app "Quiz Duel." Here, we've listed down most common Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge problems and the steps to repair them.

Can’t Unlock my Galaxy S7

You have secured your Galaxy S7 with a fingerprint and a password against unauthorized access. But after the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow the Galaxy S7 does not accept the correct password, even your fingerprint.

The cause of the failure is still unclear. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the password and the stored fingerprints before the update. Those who forgot this, the smartphone can still unlock via the location service "Find My Mobile". However, for this the smartphone must be connected to the own Samsung account. Who has not set up a Samsung account must contact the customer service.

Call is held

Calls break off after a short time. Then display "call on hold" and the device always searches other devices with Bluetooth, although your Bluetooth feature is turned off.

Even if Bluetooth is turned off, the S7 Apps allows to use this feature. To turn off Bluetooth completely, you should make the following settings:

- On settings - select "Privacy and Security" and then "Site".
- Select "improve accuracy" and deactivated "Wireless Scan" and "Bluetooth scanning".
- Now move back to the main menu settings
- Select "Other connection settings".
- Then "Check for nearby devices" and disable the function.

Problems with the Bluetooth Connection

Your Galaxy S7 does not connect to a Bluetooth device in the vicinity or the connection breaks off constantly.

Solutions to most common connection problems related to Bluetooth devices, we have covered this topic in a separate article Bluetooth: fix most common wireless issues

Display Brightness Decreases while Playing

When you start a game, your Galaxy S7 (Edge) screen loses brightness. The problem does not occur in every game, but only for certain titles like - "Quiz duel" or "Candy Crush Saga".

The problem is apparently not the Galaxy S7 (EDGE), but on sides of the respective game. Wait until the providers update their app to the Galaxy S7.

Edge Display Reacts Too Sensitive

The Galaxy S7 Edge opens screen for each touch. The sides are set too sensitively.

Samsung is known of the error. The South Korean manufacturer has already released a patch to fix the problem.

SD Card Notification Does Not Disappear

You jut insert the microSD card in the Galaxy S7 (Edge), the message "SD card to transfer photos and videos" in the notification bar appears. But the message won’t disappear.

To get rid of the annoying alert, you have to format the microSD card but you will lose all data. So backup all your data before proceed. To format the memory card do as follows:

- Open the settings and select "saved".
- On "Mobile Storage" select "Format".
- Disable the map once and then re-activated it.
- Now the message won’t appear.

No Sound

Suddenly your Galaxy S7 is no longer making a sound - although it is not on silent

All volume control settings are correct but your Galaxy S7 speaker won’t make any sound. First you plug your S7 headphones and check whether you hear a sound. If this is the case, then it may be that the smartphone thinks that there is a headphone in the device and therefore the speaker is turned off. In this case, you can clean the headphone jack. Alternatively, you can also switch between speakers and headphones with an app like "Sound About."

Stop com.Samsung.faceservice error

Your Galaxy S7 (Edge) reports repeatedly "com.Samsung.faceservice".

To fix this bug and to get rid of the annoying message:

- Open the settings and choose "Applications".
- Select "Application Manager"
- Select "More" and choose "Show System applications".
- In the list, select "com.Samsung.faceservice" and tap on it.
- Select "memory".
- And then "Clear data" and "Clear cache".
- The error should now be resolved.

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