The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine: where to find the best weapons

With the DLC The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine the game is added the best weapons that you can find. The weapons are divided into two categories silver swords and steel swords. The steel swords you can use for humans, elves and creatures that are not monsters. Silver swords are effective against Monsters. In the following guide we show you two of the best swords that either you find or received as a reward for completing a quest.

The best silver sword: Aerondight

You can get this sword easily after completion of the side quest “There Can Be Only One.” if you get this best weapon, you will notice that it has two abilities, instead of fixed bonuses.

- Combo: Hit an opponent one another, this sword filled on a charge that increases your damage with each hit by 10%. Once this Silver sword fully charged, you will cause critical damage with each hit. The charge loses when elaps too much time between the blows.
- Scaling: If you kill an opponent with a fully charged Aerondight, then the damage of the sword increases permanently and scale with your own level.

The best silver sword: Gesheft

Gesheft can be found in a cave northeast of Beauclair and can be assembled at a smith. For this best silver sword in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine you need 2 pieces of leather scraps, 2 Enriched Dimeritium Ingot, 1 acid extract and 1 sapphire. The following list outlines the values:

508-620 Damage
+ 30% Aard Sign Intensity
+ 100% Critical hit bonus
+ 15% Critical hit chance
+ 5% bonus experience monsters
3 Rune slots
Level requirement 45

Witcher 3 - Best Swords: Category Steel Swords

As with all games, also apply to Witcher 3 that the best weapons don’t depend solely on the stats, but also of the handling. So if you have found another best sword for you than in our proposals, so do not be surprised. Nevertheless, we propose the following steel swords as the best weapons in Witcher 3.

Best weapon
Required level
Long Claw 37 350 +50 Decreased armor
+ 10% Chance of Mutilate
+ 5% experience by humans and non-humans
Sword of Tir Tochair 46 405 + 50% Critical Hit Damage
+ 5% critical strike chance
+ 15% chance of bleeding 
Black Unicorn 46 400 + 10% Aard Sign Intensity
+ 10% Bleeding
Gnomish Gwyhyr 42 366 + 50% Critical Hit Damage
+ 5% critical strike chance

Best Weapon: Category Silver Swords

You need silver swords hunting monsters in Witcher 3. Even within this category, we have compiled recommendations for you. You should try the following best silver swords:

Best weapon
Required level
Howler 31 410 + 75% Critical Hit Damage
+ 5% Chance of Mutilate
+ 20% Experience monsters
Harpy 37 475 + 10% Bleeding
Meltith 26 355 + 10% Critical strike chance

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