Umbrella Corps: beginner's guide, tips and modes at a glance

Umbrella Corps is the latest shooter video game from Capcom. In the game you have to take care not only on enemy players, but also hordes of zombies that wreak havoc on the map.

Umbrella Corps has its focus clearly on fast and action-packed multiplayer matches. While you can play alone almost every mode in Umbrella Corps, but that makes only half as much fun. The modes include classic Deatchmatches in different variations with the protection of certain targets. Here you’ll find a guide with beginner’s tips and the special modes in more detail for the zombie shooter.

How the Domination mode works

The Domination mode in Umbrella Corps is a classic Conquest mode in which it points to take and hold on the map to earn points for your team. The points will you appear in the form of checks with Distance Display. Reach them, and stay on the radius on the screen to take the point.

There are two ways to win the round:

- Achieve the required number of 50 points.
- Have more points than the other team in the account at the end of lap time.

How the DNA Hunter mode works

As DNA Hunter you must kill zombies on the map and collect their DNA. The team, which has collected more DNA first wins. In addition, there is also the SP DNA Hunter mode. Here you expect even more undead. Here teamplay is important in order to overcome together. Once you have killed three of these special zombies and collected their DNA, you win the match.

How the Collector mode works

Here you have five briefcases to collect on the map and keep them to win. The opposing team has of course the same goal. Once you have collected a suitcase, you need to protect it from the enemies. A player can carry more briefcases, but it’s better to distribute among several players to protect them.

More tips for Umbrella Corps

- If you play on the PC with mouse and keyboard, you should adjust the sensitivity of the mouse and draw up the sighting before the match.

- Before you throw yourself in multiplayer matches, you should play the tutorial. It makes you familiar with all aspects of the game mechanics and shows you your tactical options on the map.

- Umbrella Corps has both a single player and multiplayer mode. Main difference here is that you only have the so-called "zombie Jammer" in multiplayer. This ensures that you ignore the masses of zombies on the map. They will attack you only when you attack them. Unintentional attacks draw here the anger of zombies on you. Therefore, ignore them and focus on enemy players and fulfill your mission objectives.

- Generally, each game mode in single player or multiplayer is playable. The exception is the mode "A Life" in multiplayer. As the name suggests, here you have a lap only one life and cannot respawn. Once all the human player fraction are dead, the other team get a point.

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