GTA 5 Online Cunning Stunts: create and drive Stunts races

The new DLC for GTA Online, Cunning Stunts, brings you 16 Stunt Races. This you have to find and then can provide race on action-packed race tracks. On top of that you can use an editor to create tracks for your Stunt Races. In our guide, we show you which tracks are available and how to find and create Stunt Races in GTA Online.

With the Editor you can create Stunt Races in GTA Online. It is slated for release on August 02 until then, you have to stick with the supplied 16 Stunt Races. However, this should not be a problem because they provide enough variety. Once the editor is published, we will update this guide and show you all about the creation of Stunt Races. Until then, we want to help you to find the existing Stunt Races in GTA Online.

The stunt races of Cunning Stunts let you go through pipes, lawn via ramps and loops. For this, there are new cars and outfits, which go well with the theme. If you want to find one of the 16 Stunt Run in GTA Online, then you need to pay attention to pink stunt series blips scattered on your map. In the next few weeks you’ll get more Stunt Races, Cars, Motor Bicycles and Outfits. If you have found the pink Stunt Series blips, then you can participate on equal Stunt Races.

Available Track List:

Canyon Crossing
City Air
Downtown Loop
East Coast
Maze Bank Ascent
Over and Under
Racing Alley
Threading the Needle
Trench I
Vinewood Downhill

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