MH Generations: Flagship locations, strengths and weaknesses

In Monster Hunter Generations (MHG), you will encounter four new flagship Monsters: Astalos, Gammoth, Mizutsune and Glavenus. In our guide we have summarized the locations, strengths and weaknesses of these new monsters.

Although these creatures are strong, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. If you know this, then you will be able to determine their tactics that will help you and your team of hunters. In case if a battle against the monster flagship go wrong, then simply change the hunting styles and techniques and try out a different tactic.

Flagship Monster: Astalos, the aggressive insect

Astalos is a very aggressive creature that feeds on meat and carrion. It sends electrical charges over its body and will not hesitate for a second before it attacks you. Pay attention to this insect it eats carcasses, in this way it can regenerate its stamina.

Type / Flying Wyvern

Element - Thunder
Status Attack - Thunder damage and paralysis
Weaknesses - Water and ice
Sign of weakness - Limp
Locations - Swamp, Tower 3, Tree steppe, forest and hills

Observe behavior of Astalos, because the nature of its attacks comes in advance. The shape of the creature and its eyes are light Modified green, so it loads on the horn. The veins and spikes light up once the flagship monster wants to attack with its wings. Moreover Note the tail, which will behave in the same way.

Flagship Monster: Gammoth, the mammoth from the Ice

With this flagship monster you have to fight well. It is one of the largest creatures of the entire series. This flagship Monster covered its body with stone slabs, which greatly reduce the damage of your attacks. Gammoth will attack you with its trunk, with which it can absorb the snow in order to cover its opponent.

Type / Fanged Beast

Element - Ice
Status attack - Ice and snow damage
Weaknesses - Fire and thunder
Sign of weakness - Limp
Locations - Tower 3, Polar Field, Frost Sea, Snow Mountains

Focus on its legs when attacking this flagship Monster. If you success, then you will paralyze it and weaken it. However, Gammoth can regenerate its stamina in area 7. There it will dig fruits or seeds.

Flagship Monster: Mizutsune, the Leviathan with soap bubbles

Mizutsune may initially be a bit confusing. This flagship monster appears peacefully, does not attack you and its pink shape looks not very scary. However, you will quickly find out that this monster can definitely put up a fight. Below we will give you its strengths and weaknesses and show you a few more details on the behavior in battle, from which you can derive your tactics.

Type / Leviathan

Element - Water
Status attack - Unknown
Weaknesses - Thunder and Dragon
Sign of weakness - Limp
Locations - Tower 3, primal forest, mist Summit

Once the fins of Mizutsune color in red, the rage mode of the pink flagship Monster begins. If you notice that the fins are blue, then you should act, because at this moment the stamina of the Leviathan is in the bucket. You can beat on his back and the claws, as these are his weaknesses.

Flagship Monster: Glavenus, the monster with a long range

Glavenus will attack you immediately when he discovers you. Its red spikes and blue bone plates give it an increased protection. The tail of this creature is like a sword that gives this flagship Monster tremendous reach. In addition, it can take three forms: blunt, sharp and heated.

Type / Brute Wyvern

Element - Fire
Status Attack - Fire Damage
Weaknesses - Water and Dragon
Sign of Weakness - Limp
Locations - Tower 3, dunes, volcanic, volcanic trough, fire island, Jura borderland

Glavenus can attack you with fire projectiles which increase its reach further. Here you have to careful and be prepared for it. Focus on its tail as soon as he glows.

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