One of the first actions in Pokémon GO is to choose your screen name. But it is subsequently still possible to change the name, if you no longer like your first choice? In this guide we will show you how you can change your trainer / character name.

Due to the growing popularity of the Pokémon GO, the servers of the game quickly became very crowded and many of the desired names for your trainers were already assigned and you had to switch to alternatives. Here once you have selected your name then you cannot change it easily.

Pokémon GO: Change Your Screen Name - only in exceptional cases!

In Pokémon GO, once you have chosen your screen name you usually don’t change it unless you don’t want to delete your account and reset the memory state. There is only one exception according to the support page of developer Niantic, in which the change is approved:

- Nickname changes are only allowed for players that accidentally input their real name or other personally identifiable information as their nickname.

This means only if you have entered your real name or other information in your first entry by mistake that identify you, a change of name may be allowed.

The processing time of a request for name change may take several weeks before you receive answer from Niantic. If you don’t meet the requirements, then you must continue playing with your current name or create a new account.

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on 7/13/16

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