Pokémon GO: use Smoke Effectively to catch more Pokémon

In Pokémon GO there are two ways to attract pocket monsters to: Lure Module and smoke. While the use of Lure Module is self-explanatory, here we give tips on how you can catch even more pocket monsters with the Smoke.

How do I get smoke in Pokémon GO?

At the beginning you get two smoke units. Even more free smoke you get by Level climbs - reaching level 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20. If that is not enough, then you can purchase from the shop via microtransactions.

Shop cost 1x smoke 80 Pokécoins, 8x smoke 500 Pokécoins and 25x smoke 1,250 Pokécoins.

How can I use the smoke effectively to catch more pocket monsters in Pokémon GO?

Pokémon that attracted by smoke, also have purple smoke around. These Pokémon are visible only to you and no other trainer in the vicinity can capture it. However, there is an essential tip to use smoke properly.

Most of you will probably use smoke to comfortably catch Pokémon from your couch. However, in this way you will be able to catch a maximum of six pocket monsters in 30 minutes. If you don’t move, spawn through the smoke then only one Pokémon appears in every five minutes.

It is better to activate the smoke while you walk through the area. Once you're in motion, every 200 meters or every minute a Pokémon will appear on your map. Therefore, it is theoretically possible to catch 30 Pokémon in every 30 minutes.

Smoking is not working - What should I do?

When using smoke anything goes wrong and you don’t waste the precious item, you should consider the following tips.

- See on the use of smoke, when the servers are overloaded. This is especially the case in the evenings and on weekends.
- Use smoke only where your cell phone coverage is good enough to avoid connection problems.
- Start Pokémon GO once again before smoke begins.

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