The Division Underground: Gear Score - maximize equipment level

The latest update 1.3 and the first pay-DLC "underground" for The Division brings total of 5 new equipment sets. So the patch caused that the Gear Score rise immediately. He is now: 268 for equipment and 229 for weapons.

Even those who thought that they had already reached the maximum of the equipment level, must now again need to find the best items for their equipment and weapons.

Here's how to maximize Gear Score in The Division: Underground

In The Division, a certain Gear Score is often necessary when you want to play through one of the assaults. It may happen that you cannot make one of the missions, because your gear level is too low. In addition, there have certainly get to feel quite a few agents, how hard it is, in the Dark Zone - the PvP area is, to come against other agents who possess a particularly high Gear Score.

Usually there are 4 procedures that help you to increase your equipment level:

Farm named bosses in the Dark Zone.
Find Dark Zone chests, in which there are valuable loot items.
Crash in the attack that leverages high levels of difficulty.
Complete new challenges that the DLC "underground" entail.

You can increase your Gear Score most effectively when you take new challenges that lurk in the underground of Manhattan. Inn the latest DLC, you get new missions that lead you into the depths of the sewers and the underground shafts. Of course, you should set this to high levels of difficulty, so challenge or even the new Heroic mode. Because then for the successful completion of a mission waits you an extensive loot and the loot is accordingly high quality, so you can also maximize your gear level.

The DLC "underground" comes with a new rank. The underground rank can also affect your gear level, but works just as well as the Dark Zone ranking. Every time you climb in rank, you get a so-called underground tank in which there are valuable items. Among them, of course, is equipment and, indeed, set items that need you so much, if you want your Gear Score improve and enhance. So heed that you increase your base rank. Just so you get the container and have the chance quickly to achieve a better score Gear.

To quickly get at the underground tank, you must complete difficult operations and enable earlier modifications. These are so-called directives - Handicaps - that are new to The Division and provide a new challenge. In addition, you can also collect items, such as reconnaissance data, find that reward with additional experience points during missions.

The underground has rank; this means a maximum level of 40. You can get hold of 39 underground containers. Silk also attentive and do not forget to loot your enemies, because sometimes bosses drop also underground containers.

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