Galaxy Note 7: battery, screen replacement / repair difficulty

According to the experts at iFixit, it is difficult to repair the latest Samsung smartphone Galaxy Note 7. In Teardown Galaxy Note 7 repair score gets only four out of ten.

In particular, experts say the adhesive used does the problems. Replacement of the display glass is not possible, according to iFixit - without destroying the screen. Even when changing the USB port, there is a risk of damaging the screen. Criticized also that the device can be difficult to open and the battery is strongly bonded.

In fact, Samsung has improved again in terms of "repair." The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S6 received eg from iFixit only three out of ten. The direct predecessor Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5 have not been evaluated by iFixit. The last reviewed Galaxy Note model is the Galaxy Note 2, which received eight out of ten possible points.

Cause of lower iFixit-rating compared to the older model from Samsung is likely to be the design change. Up to and including the Galaxy Note 4 at the back of the smartphone could easily be removed and the battery could be changed by the user. Since the Galaxy Note 5 Samsung installed the hardware in a sealed unibody enclosure, which grants the user cannot access the battery. In addition, the Galaxy Note 7 an IP68 certification on. The housing is thus sealed against the ingress of water, which additionally impedes the access to the hardware components.

Here is a video guide to Battery and Screen repair / replacement and Charging USB Port.

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