Golden Ticket guide - Deus Ex Mankind Divided

The first side mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is The Golden Ticket (SM01). After you arrive in Prague you have to speak with a specific NPC. His name is Drahomir and he pretends to be cope who can procure your current papers / pass. Drahomir takes a lot of money from his "customers." In your role as Adam, you have to stop this forger.

- Go to the checkpoint and talk to the police. There you will find out that that Optimist needs an enhanced identification card / pass. Cooperate with Drahomir if you are to complete the Golden Ticket with no hassle.

- Drahomir will promise you a document intermediary who can obtain you current papers. Play with in order to reach this forger. Of course, at the question of whether you want to accept this side mission, you should select accept.

- The false policeman Drahomir, gives you an address where you shall see a "friend" of Drahomir and pay, so he ordered the papers for you. You will receive a new waypoint and your task is to meet with the documents mediator. Follow the mark.

- The documents mediator wants to have 35,000 credits, which you probably don’t have at the beginning of the game, it is rather a lofty goal. We chose the "bluffing" option. If you choose "sneak around", then search for the forger. Any other response leads to trouble.

- The forger shows up: Follow the waypoint and enter the house, in which the forger should reside. It's easy to get past the laser beams, but noted the camera on the ceiling. Sneak quickly over the lasers and hide yourself behind the dollhouse / toy factory. From here you can quickly go through the door.

- Top of the stairs waiting for you an opponent. Sneak up to him and take him out quietly. The next room should not be a problem. Go to the left through under the laser beam and behind the cabinet. Shutdown the security laptop for security measures.

- Open the laptop also the vault door, behind which you can find the forger. She will tell you that she is being held captive by Drahomir and forced to falsify documents.

- She will also tell you that that there is a police officer who is staying near Drahomir. To stop Drahomir without much trouble, you need to find this cop. The figure below shows you where she is.

You can help the forger even further by answering her question whether you can help her. She has forged two new cards and asks you to pass them and activate. Decide "I want to help" and we'll show you how you can enter into the golden ticket. Other secondary mission.

- Follow the waypoint to the State registry office where you have to activate the papers. Wait until the guard leaves and sneak into and quickly go into the left door. Close the door behind you and enter the password 6788 to the keypad.

- Enter the door and directly behind the next door you will find the security computer with that you can turn off the security camera. This you have to hack, but at security level 1, there should be no problem. Save the game.

- Meet Edward and Irenka: Follow the waypoints for both Optimists and listen to their story. Always be nice and reassured them, they will tell you their complete story that will help you later in making a decision.

When you arrive at Edward you will also notice that he is threatened by a thief. Reach him is not safer as he holding him at gunpoint. Here, we made him short shrift and shot him. Then we hid and waited until the alarm is turned off behind the counter.

- With the option "Various devices" you can now activate the pass. You should decide which person you want to help at this point. Your stories should help you in deciding this.

- Sneak out of the building back out and now take care of Drahomir. Go to the police officer (She stands near Drahomir) and talk to her. If you don’t say that Drahomir people suppressed. Attack will trigger, if she sets out to stop Drahomir, then simply wait. The police will take care Drahomir, then appear that the side quest SM 01: The Golden Ticket have been completed.

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