MH Generations: best weapons for your hunting

With Monster Hunter Generations you have a brand new adventure for your hand held game console NDS. The game features many known aspects of its predecessors and the game offers you not only an enormous arsenal of different weapons, but they are also classified into very versatile categories. Which of blades and guns are particularly strong, we show you in the individual areas. Some of them have elementary bonuses, base stations or just really good damage. In this guide we show you the best five weapon of each category.

The Five Best Greatswords in Monster Hunter Generations

With large swords you will probably not strike very often. Therefore, it is important that your attack on level three and then lands a targeted hit with a lot of damage. Overall, there is a very large number of swords, so it is quite possible that a great sword, which we don’t carry in our list, better suits your style of play and thereby considerably stronger. Try out and get to know the appropriate weapon for your Monster Hunter.

Ashen Array
Tigrex Great Sword
Dark of Night
Rogue Sedition
Heavenly sunshine

The Five Best Lances

Lances give you a very good range, with good defense.

Hellblade Glavenus
Radiant Shower
Hadad Sedition
Spiked Javelin
Alatreon Gleam

Top Five Gunlances

The Gunlances are an interesting mix of normal lances and firearms.

Powderkeg Brewer
Grimclaw Burst
Anguished Centaurus
Demonlord Gunlance
Tamarod Sedition

Five Best Hunting Horns

The hunting horns can provide you both damage and support. With the melodies of hunting horns can strengthen your status values or immunite and even confuse monster.

Grimclaw Horn
Akantor Dark Melody
Relic Horn
Teostra’s Orphee
Mountain Echo

Five Best Long Swords For Hunting

The Long Swords are very elegant weapons. You have a good range, but causes slightly less damage

Blistering Govandan
Grimclaw Cutter
Zealous Sedition
Deepest Night

Five Best Sword And Shield Combinations

If you decide on the sword and shield variant in Monster Hunter Generations, you get a big defensive bonus at the expense of your damage output.

Magma Hellblade
Alatreon Star
Daze Eye
Fighter Sword

Five Best Dual Blade Weapons

They are very fast weapons and produces a lot of damage in a short time. Although suffers your defense, but you are very mobile and can dodge attacks well.

Evening Dusk
Charred Slicers
Deadeye Daggers
Akantor Shadow Claws

Five Most Powerful Hammers

With these heavy weapons you can knock your opponents. You caused much damage, but very slowly.

Hellblade Hammer
Qadar Sedition
Tigrex Hammer
Grimclaw Hammer
Spiked Hammer

Five Best Two-Handed Sword - Switch Axe

You have a huge reach and can thereby distribute much critical damage while you can switch between the ax and sword mode.

Baraq Sedition
Diadalos Axe
Parting Slice
Silverwind Axe
Hellblade Axe

Five Best Powerful Charge Blades

With these weapons you can additionally boots your attacks. This will get you a good bonus to your damage and are still protected by your shield from harm.

Teostra’s Nova
Rudra Divide
Tigrex Blade
Akantor Severance
Celestial Vortex

Five Strongest Insect Glaives

You can attack with the blade of your Insect Glaive and also chase an insect on the monsters.

Ashen Helldait
Alatreon Embrace
Azure Bayonet
Ukanlos Skytraveler
La Merveille

Five Best Bows

With a bow you can play it safe and set in particular in the online mode as very useful support

Bow of Light and Courage
Le Desir
Deadeye Greatbow
Alatreon Commandment
Ukanlos Skyflier

Five Best Heavy Bowguns

By severe variant of Bowgun your movement speed is somewhat limited. But the shots of Heavy Bowgun have tons of punch. Pay attention to the critical distance. If you too far away from your destination, your damage will suffer. Try the correct range to find in order to make the most of your weapon.

La Foi
Vizvi Cannon
Mountainous Roar
Akantor Skysounder
Veiled Kamaeleon

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