MH Generations: village Key Quests - unlock and progress

In Monster Hunter Generations, you take on the role of a monster hunter whose skills are influenced by the types of armor and his weapons. You will travel a total of 4 villages. Three of them are already known from previous titles and the fourth village, Bherna, is newly added. To get there, you have to go on quests to get the correct key.

To do all quests in Monster Hunter Generations costs a lot of time, effort and above all perseverance. Fortunately, you don’t have to make all the quests, if you do not want - Finally, there is far more important to do in the action RPG, such as to hunt the flagship Monsters.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify certain key to go on quests if you want the next village and want to increase your progress.

Incidentally after successful completion of key quests, there is always an Urgent Quest that you must also completed. Then you will not only unlock the nearest village but also the next rank.

Village 1 - Kokoto

You begin in the village Kokoto and have to go on 4 quests. You can find the second Quest only if you have completed the Key Quest "Find the Ferns"

Find the Ferns: Deliver 8 unique ferns.
A Fungal Hunt: Deliver 5 unique mushrooms.
Wipe Out: Kill 10 Maccao.
Another Pack Attack: Kill 10 Jaggi.

The Urgent Quest here called "Vaulting Outlaw". To complete it successfully, you have to hunt a great Maccao. Once you have completed the Urgent Quest, you unlock all the other tasks of the 2nd stage.

Village 2 - Pokke

Rambunctious Rhenoplos: Kill 5 Rhenoplos.
Gendrome roadblock: Hunt a Gendrome.
The land shark: Hunted a Cephadrome.
Hermitaur Grab: Kull 5 Hermitaurs.

The Urgent Quest here is called "Tusked Tantrum". To complete this quest and to unlock the next village you must hunt Tetsucabra.

Village 3 - Yukumo

Stomping Grounds: Hunted a Yian Kut-Ku
Tumultuous Sprouts: Deliver 8 abyssal mushrooms
Crustacean Frustration: Hunted a Daimyo Hermitaur
The Desert Gourmand: Hunt a Nibelsnarf
Current Events: Hunt a Royal Ludroth
Robbed Blind: Hunted a Gypceros.

Here you'll get the Urgent Quest "The Nocturnal Enchanter", your task is to hunt down a Malfestio.

Village 4 - Bherna

Wrath of Rathian: Hunted a Rathian
Hungry eyes: Hunt a Nargacuga
Serpentine Samba: Hunted a Najarala
Lurkin’ in the Murk: Hunted two Khezu
Crustacean Infatuation: Catch a Shogun Ceanataur

"The Dark Ages" is your Urgent Quest at rank 4. Hunt Yian Garuga and this increases your progress.

Village 5

The Thunder claw-Wyvern: Hunt an Astalos
The Unwavering Colossus: Hunted a Gammoth
The Enchanting water dancer: Hunt a Mizutsune
The Fisherman’s Fiend: Hunt a Lagiacrus
A King, Robed in Smoke: Hunt a Rathalos
Fight or Uragaan: Hunt a Uragaan

The Urgent Quest "The scorching blade" can sniff you already at the last rank. Hunt a Glavenus, so that you can reach the last 6th place in Monster Hunter Generations.

Village 6

Finally done, you have reached the last rank and thus bring your progress to the maximum. Now, the last important key quests follow in Monster Hunter Generations.

Dark wings, dark work: Hunted Gore Magala
Tuff Turf: Hunt a Zinogre
Tigrex by the tail: Hunt a Tigrex
A Thousand Scales of Dread: Hunt a Seregios
Brachydios Mio!: Hunt a Brachydios

The last Urgent Quest is: "Brachydios Mio". Hunt a Brachydios to complete this.

If you focus on all of these key-quests, then you can easily and quickly increase your progress.

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