Monster Hunter Generations: key quests for level up fast

In Monster Hunter Generations, you go from village to village in order to complete tasks for the villagers there. During your gameplay you encounter countless major and minor quests. For each village you will receive a high number of quests. Complete enough key quests, you can make your way to the next village. However, it is not necessary that you master all quests. The countless tasks in Monster Hunter Generations would be too much for you. Prefer to hunt down the big flagship monsters.

In every village, there are some key quests that let you move forward with successful completion. So saves you some time and invested this in the study of hunting styles and techniques or look for best weapons in jungles and mountains. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Generations is not listed down the Key Quests that’s why you have to get the information from other sources.

Have you met the relevant tasks, you will receive a so-called Urgent Quest. This is the basis for new levels and areas and let you compete against big monsters.

Key quests in the first village

- Find the Ferns
- A Fungal Hunt
- Wipe Out - Key quests in the first village
- Another Pack Attack
- Urgent: Vaulting Outlaw

Key quests in the second village

- Rambunctious Rhenoplos
- Hermit Grab
- Gendrome Roadblock
- The Land Sharq
- Urgent: Tusked Tantrum

Key quests in the third village

- The Desert Gourmand
- Crustacean Frustration
- Stomping Grounds
** Complete these two key quests in this order to unlock the next Key Quest**
- Tumultous Sprouts
- Current Events
- Robbed Blind
- Urgent: The Nocturnal Enchanter

Key quests in the fourth village

- Wrath of the Rathian
- Serpentine Samba
- Hungry Eyes
- Lurking in the Murk
- Crustacean Infatuation
- Urgent: The Dark Age

Key quests in the fifth village

- Dark Wings, Dark Work
- Tuff Turf
- Tigrex by the Tail
- A Thousand Scales of Dread
- Brachydios Mio!

Once you have completed above Key quests, you will not get to unlock any more Urgent Quest, you will reach to the last village. There you can compete against the most powerful monsters and the successfully completion of the following quests promise valuable rewards.

- Stop the Wheel
- The Fated Four

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