No Man's Sky - Exo-Suit: features and upgrades

In No Man's Sky, you find yourself on a planet, you are exposed to the environmental conditions and must withstand these. This is the primary function of your Exo-suit. Furthermore, you have here only a few slots at the beginning that you should occupy wisely, because they don’t serve you only as inventory, but also as places for technology.

Open your menu, then you will find all the information under the Exo-suit. You can find whether your Exo-Suit-environmental label or your survival suit power packs are recharged enough. Below we show you all four categories of the Exo-suit and responded to the possible upgrades.


• Shows the food and shield energy.
• You can charge with red elements such as carbon, plutonium or Thamium-9 .

(Through special technologies you can boost your defense against certain attacks.)


• Display your protection against the environmental conditions on planet (cold, poison, etc.).
• Can be charged with yellow elements such as zinc, titanium or sign splinters.

(For example: Through technology you can raise your volume of oxygen in the exo-suit.)

Stamina / endurance

• Shows how long you hold your breath underwater.
• Fill on automatically.

(For example: Through technology you can increase your endurance so that you are not exhausted as quickly.)

Help resources

Here you can find the jetpack. So far we have been able to use another tool. But this should be there.
(Through upgrades, it is possible to mend the Jetpack)

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