No Man's Sky: Journey milestones and categories guide

To get a Journey Milestone in No Man's Sky, you may have to complete different tasks and goals. The milestones also help you to rise in rank. Your rank can see on the lower left of the screen. You always have to reach a certain number of travel milestones to climb one rank higher. This means that you can also see in this display how many tracks you still needed to increase the rank.

Journey Milestones you get for example learning words of an alien language, or by moving within a certain distance on foot.

You have the opportunity to collect Journey Milestones in a total of 9 categories. In each category, you need to fulfill a different task. You can unlock the milestones until level 10. The following Journey Milestones categories are there in No Man's Sky:

On Foot Exploration (walk / Steps): To achieve this Journey Milestone, you usually have to cover a certain distance on foot (Level 10: 100,000 U)

Alien Colonist Encounter: Here have to meet different aliens and interact with them to get their titles in this category. It is often useful the Aliens when you handed various commodities. Usually, they then talk to you. But beware: Not all forms of life are friendly.

Words Collected: To obtain Journey Milestone in this area, you must learn words an alien language. That you can find either by completing monolith puzzles or with various retailers (Level 10: 150 words).

Most Units Accrued: To earn this milestone, you have to make many units. In a separate article, we show you how to farm numerous Units quickly as possible. (Level 10: 2,000,000 units).

Ships Destroyed: This category speaks for itself: Destroy as many ships to get this Journey Milestone.

Sentinels Destroyed: Similar to the above, you have to destroy numerous sentinels here. Whenever you land on a planet, you get information about (bottom left), how high is the advent of sentinels in this constellation.

Extreme Survival: For this milestone you need to survive under extreme conditions. The struggle for survival is output in the unit SOLS (survive 32 Sols).

Space Exploration: Warp, there's no tomorrow. At the very beginning you must first fix your hyperdrive. Only now you can warp or move faster than light through the galaxy and collect travel Milestones.

Planet Zoology Scanned: If you have discovered all species on a planet, you'll be given a title or a milestone.

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