Nurse: Dead by Daylight - Survivor / Killer Strategy guide

The latest DLC for the Dead by Daylight called The Last Breath Chapter brings a new killer, Nurse and her creepy face is wrapped in bandages. Therefore, one might think that her eyes are injured that she hardly sees something. That may be true, but nevertheless the Nurse comes with a weapon and a special ability. Especially the latter can shake the survivors:

- Bone: The bone saw leaves the nurse respond from the mental hospital. Basically the killer uses these to injured survivors. However when using, it looks as she strikes it and not saw in the sense. As with the other killers, except from the backwoods, it takes two hits until the survivor down.

- Spencer's Last Breath: This ability brings Survivor to lose his mind, because the nurse is able to teleport from one fixed point to another point. Thus, The Nurse can even pass through walls. This teleportation (flashing) can even be extended, so you can move in a short chain of 3 teleports. So the killer has the ability to map to cross and search quickly. The teleporting is activated with the right mouse button (M2).

Similar to the spirit, the concentration of the nurse is not so much on strength and brutality, like the Trapper or the Hillbilly. Instead, The Nurse focuses on the features of "spying" and "persecution". That makes it even more difficult for survivors to hide from the killer. Dead by Daylight gets a whole new flair with the nurse and survivors now have to think about new strategies.

The Nurse can teleport a bit far so she gets a powerful ability. Although, some users may already overpowered the nurse, but if you look at the special ability of the killer closer, then things look very different. Yes, the nurse can teleport through walls, trees and other obstacles and also move pretty quickly on the map. But after Teleport every time the killer is then stunned for about 1-2 seconds, while she looks confused on the floor. If you are clever, then you can escape from the nurse. The teleportation is then carried out in a series (3x) in quick succession, the second and the third teleportation of the track are shorter. But don’t cross and move transversely or in zigzag way. Teleportation occurs linearly in one direction.

After teleportation, the nurse may still like to hit with her bone saw, but after that she is stunned. The impact should be done immediately after the destination is reached, otherwise the Stunning-time is faster.

The survivors hear a shrill cry sounds whenever the Nurse is teleported. So the Survivor know when the killer teleport. In addition, the nurse leaves a white line when teleporting, she virtually drags behind. From this the Survivor can recognize the direction in which the nurse has teleported. The survivors should then continue to move in the opposite direction. Therefore, the fast 3x Teleport can successively be difficult. You should practice a bit, because otherwise it is possible that you lose the orientation. It may be useful, for example, to use this teleportation chain, anyway if you plan to get to the other side of the map.

In addition to specific strategies for the survivor in The Last Breath, there are also a few basic tips that you should consider as a new killer, The Nurse.

- Footprints: Look closely the ground, if you find fresh footprints, then there is a survivor very near you.

- Bright scratches: If you see a light like a Christmas tree? Then there is a survivor on the run. Follow the light and you may find one of your sacrifices.

- Crow: Are there any crows or ravens? If the birds are disturbed, then most likely there is a victim nearby. Circle the animals in the sky, then a survivor hides and adheres far too long in one place.

- Sounds: breathing, panting, whining, repairing noises, loud bang, creaking noises sabotage of hooks, jumps or creaky cupboard doors - These are all indications for Survivor near you.

In addition, you should act cleverly and try to understand your prey while hunting. Survivors beat hooks, race sharp curves or simply revolve around - you have to be prepared for anything. Bypasses - if possible - windows or other obstacles that stop and slow down you.

Dead by Daylight - The Nurse: Perks

The new Killer "The nurse" has three special perks that are tailored to her:

- Stridor: With this Perk, it is possible to perceive the breathing of her prey. Especially if survivors are injured.

- Thanatophobia: Now, survivors should think twice before they leave someone - because the nurse has with this Perk, then penalties for for each injured, dead or hanging on the hook survivors. That is, when the survivors neither save nor heal or help, then the speed slows when repairing, in healing and sabotage of hooks.

- A Nurse's Calling: This perk unlocks the ability to read the auras of Survivor.

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