In Dead by Daylight, you won’t get bored easily as the developer Behaviour Digital Inc. has built several playable characters: you can play 3 different killers and 4 survivors. Each Killer has a signature power while the survivors having unique outfits. In this article we explain in detail all killers and survivors that you can play in the multiplayer horror game.

All Characters: Killer in detail

In Dead by Daylight, you have the option to choose one of the 3 killers, and each killer has his own distinctive ability.

3 Brutal Murderers
32 Power upgrades for Killer
20 Unique Killer Perks

Killer # 1 - The Trapper: Set traps and playing with the prey

The Trapper is particularly cold-blooded killer who interprets bear traps and he lures his prey with other prey. He sets traps, where he has already hung survivors on the hook. He has a big grin on his mask because he knows that his bear traps are all over the map. To fight against him, you should be quiet and sneak. Be watchful and walk through ruins and houses to escape this fast killer.

Killer # 2 - The Wraith with bell

The second killer - The Wraith - is a silent killer, who hovers like a shadow over the map. He is invisible most of the time. Survivors recognize him only by the bell when he appears and again becomes invisible. Pay attention especially to the fog. Sometimes you recognize a shimmer and can guess the Wraith. If the Wraith visible betrays him his putrid mist. Then there could also be too late, because he is about to chop up an unsuspecting victim.

Killer # 3 - The Hillbilly with Texas Chainsaw and a Hammer

In every good horror movie there is at least an appearance of a guy with a chainsaw - otherwise the strip is not too good. The Hillbilly embodies these nasty types. In his left hand he holds a chain saw, which gives him an unnatural speed. However, the noise of the chainsaw betrays him against the survivors. As if this weapon is not enough, he holds in his right hand a butcher hammer that is so monstrous that it breaks any bones in no time.

All Characters: Survivors in detail

Currently you can play up to 4 Survivors in Dead by Daylight. Each of them has an individual story of how he or she got into this mess. In addition, you will find unique outfits for each person.

4 Unique survivors with alternate outfits
25 Survivor-Perks
5 Items for Survivors
40 Item-Upgrades
55 Game-changing offerings

Survivor # 1 - Dwight Fairfield

Dwight is shy, with few friends in high school. He always wanted to be a cool teenager, but his lack of charisma prevented him. One weekend his boss invited him into the woods to get him drunk with colleagues. The next day, they were gone and he woke up in the middle of a nightmare.

Survivor # 2 - Meg Thomas

Meg is unshakable and a good athlete. She was so good in school sports that she received an athletic scholarship, but she had to cancel. Her mother was so ill that she had to take care of her. When she went for a run in the woods, she disappeared.

Survivor # 3 - Jake Park

Jake was never treated properly because he is so insignificant. His parents have forced him to learn and he never had real friends. Before his final examination he was caught with marijuana and expelled from school. Now Jake lives in a trailer next to the forest. One day he was gone.

Survivor # 4 - Claudette Morel

Claudette is originally from Canada. One day her parents gave an Experimental Kit and since she totally depends on science. She got a scholarship to a good college. Claudette spends her time in chat rooms and forums and loves botany. One weekend she got lost in the woods during a walk and was never seen again.

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