Pokémon Go: tips for Level up your trainer quickly

In Pokémon Go, you experienced a new system for leveling. Instead of your companion to improve, you can increase your own trainer level to strengthen your Pokémon. Find and capturing of rare Pokémon in the game will increase with a higher level of your avatar.

Farm Trainer Level and Experience Points

In Pokémon Go, you can complete jobs, achieve goals or catch new Pokémon to collect more experience points. You can see the number of required XP for a level-up in your menu. But the game offers you a couple of other ways for leveling.

Nice Throw - Catch a Pokemon with a successful throw - 50 XP
Great throw - Catch a Pokemon, if caught circle is small -50 XP
Defeat Pokémon in training Defeat any Pokémon in the gym on your team - 50 XP
Excellent litter - Catch a Pokémon when the fishing district is the smallest - 75 XP
Defeat Pokémon at Gym - Defeat any Pokémon at opposing team Gym - 100 XP
Catch A Pokémon - Catch any Pokémon (100 XP)
Hatch egg - Breed from a Poké-egg and receive a random Pokémon - 200 XP
Catch a new Pokémon - Catch a Pokemon that is not in your collection - 500 XP

To quickly ascend the coach level, should you try to farm as efficiently as possible. This includes, for example, that you occasionally defeat another Pokémon a few times in a gym, instead of wasting Pokéballs for the start of random Pokémon in the wild. Each missed throw means that it is also a loss of items and valuable time that could use to earn levels for your trainer and XP.

Rewards for higher-level Trainer

When you reach a new level with your avatar, you gain various advantages. We'll give you a short list of the benefits of Level-Ups:

- With high-level trainer you can catch rarer and stronger Pokémon.
- The higher your level, the more CP, the Pokémon you encounter in wilderness. It will be harder to defeat, but also a big bonus for your team.
- Each level up gives you rewards like super, ultra or Master Balls.

In addition, you can still see a few Pokéstopps and you're on Level 2-3. Try your level quickly, so you can catch rarer Pokémon. If the CP too often displayed with three question marks, this means that you rather should not cast a Poké Ball, as the CP value of Pokémon is still too high.

Gym's Levels in the Pokémon Go  

In the gyms you can also deserve very good XP. For that you have fundamentally two different ways:

- See the enemy Pokémon teams in your gyms.
- Trained with Pokémon from your team of trainers in your Gyms.

If you attack opposing player in a Gym, you have to compete against the defending Pokémon. There for every battle you won you gain 100 XP. So it's worth because you get only 50 per XP vanquished pocket monsters in training.

One of the most important foundations for successful fights in the gym and thus earned many XP is the study of the strengths and weaknesses of the different Pokémon types. For example, you will achieve very high damage against grass type Pokémon and bird attacks are beetles inflict particularly high damage, etc. If you find a neutral arena and there turns off one of your Pokémon in defense with a fire attack, you should take a weak monster, In this case, you can defeat it significantly easier in training to earn fast XP.

Tips and tricks for farming XP

Once you have money with the capture of Pokémon and the Gym battles, then there are also additional tips for a quick upgrade of the trainer levels.

- Visit Pokéstops and gain XP for each new such transactions and a few useful items.
- You can evolve Pokémon. To arrange this, collect enough candy and then you can bring your companions to the next level. For this you will receive 500 XP, plus a bonus of 500 XP if you don’t already have the new Pokémon.
- Moreover, you can hatch Poké Eggs. With this you get also a 200 XP bonus and the reward for a possibly new Pokémon in your collection.

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