ARK Survival Evolved: Find plant species Y Seed - guide

With the patch 246.0 the plant species Y trap was added to the ARK Survival Evolved. To find plant species Y seed, you must ensure that you have downloaded this update plus you should have the DLC Scorched Earth purchased and installed. Unlike plant species X, the new plant is not offensive and shoots your enemies. Its function is rather a plant case. You have to sow its seeds, so that it can catch small to medium size animals and humans. Although it is not as effective as a bear trap, but it is invisible. Your tendrils sprout only from the ground, when the victim is on it.

The most important things you should know about the Plant Species Y Seed

- The plant species Y can grow using the desert plant and when it is fully grown it consumes less water and fertilizer.
- It is very effective on people, dilo, dodos and Jerboas
- The weight of the mature one is 2.0.
- You can stack up to 10 of them in your inventory.
- The traps don’t stay in the ground forever. Once it has caught a victim, you have limited time to collect your loot. You have about 3 seconds, until the case gives way. Namely, you lose about 3 units of seconds and have only 100 available.
- The fallen fruits can also spoil if you don’t plant them immediately in the ground. Your Spoil time is 60 minutes.
- If you are the owner of the traps, you can easily run over them - they will not be shut.

Find and Plant Species Y Seeds

To find seeds of the Plant Species Y, you have to do much and harvest many desert plants as possible. It is best to tame a dinosaur, with that you can harvest more plants in time. With any luck, the seeds of species Y appear in your inventory. Pay attention particularly on adult species-Y-plants that can spawn in the world White flowers give you the seeds with a high probability and violet plants have a lower chance.

Below we show you how quickly the plant grows of different fertilizer:

- Human feces - 1,000 units - 3.05 hrs
- Small animal feces - 3,500 units - 10.48 hrs
- Mean animal feces - 7,500 units - 23.48 hrs
- Large animal feces - 15,000 units - 46.15 hrs
- Fertilizer - 54,000 units - for about 7 days

The times correspond to real time not in-game time. If the plat is full-grown, then click on the plant to accept the trap.

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