ARK Survival Evolved - Plant Species X Turret guide

The plant species X in ARK: Survival Evolved is a combination of Turret and a plant. It attacks approaching enemies at once with its luminous green spores and kill them with targeted shots. You can even choose which distance they should shoot. However, the seeds of species X are not easy to find. We show you in this guide where to find the seeds of Species X and how you can grow the plant.

These are the most important information and values to Plant Species X:

- The DPS is around 74
- The rate of fire per second is about 3 shots.
- The health of species X is 1,500 HP.
- Plant Species X (Primitive Organic Automated Turret) was added with Patch 202.0, which was released in late August, 2015.
- If the plant Turret attacked, obtained species X 3 HP every second.
- You may use it against pterosaurs since its firing distance can adjust
- Place the organic turret also near the other flower beds to ward off hungry enemies.
- You can also use them to attack your tamed Dinos, if there is any danger.

Where to find Plant Species X Seeds

The seeds for species X in ARK: Survival Evolved can be found in three places:

- Species X-Flower on the highest mountains on Ark
- Species X Flower in the swamp biome
- Immature Species X offspring in swamp biome

On the center map you’ll find the plant in the swamp biome, you can reach it from the west of the map or north of the center.

It is a red plant - like coral. The seeds are very rare, which is why you have to farm some plants to obtain a Plant Species X Seed.

The organic spores spin requires a large crop plot. To unlock this you have to reach at least level 35. You can also get it before reach level 35 from the yellow beacons for 15 engram points.

To craft a Large Crop plot, you need the following resources:

- 80 x Wood (Wood)
- 40 x Thatch (Straw)
- 60 x Fiber (Fiber)
- 100 x Stone (Stone)

Follow these steps to grow the Plant Species X:

- Place the large Crop plot in a suitable location.
- Now sow the Species X-seeds in the flower bed and apply fertilizer
- My way needs no water supply. The rain is sufficient
- Now wait a few in-game days until the plant is fully grown.
- Note that the plant still needs fertilizer to survive. If you no longer apply them, it will dry up.

The following table shows the fertilizer periods that applies in the plant species X.

Human feces - 1,000 units - 3.05 hrs
Small animal feces - 3,500 units - 10.48 hrs
Mean animal feces - 7,500 units - 23.48 hrs
Large animal feces - 15,000 units - 46.15 hrs
Fertilizer - 54,000 units - for about 7 days

The settings in the context menu of Plant X

In round context menu of plant species X you can still change some settings. You can turn it off by Put To Sleep. Also, you can choose to have the following:

- Low: about the length of 5 Foundations succession
- Medium: approximately the length of 11 Foundations succession
- High: about the length of 22 Foundations succession

In addition, you have 3 possibilities for selected targets that can specify in species X:

- All Targets: species X takes everything (even baby dinosaurs, which are just hatched).
- Players Or Tamed Creatures Only: Species X ignores wild creatures, but will attack other players and tame creatures too.
- Only Players: So they attacked only players.

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