COD: Infinite Warfare - new Maps at a glance

The latest installment, Infinite Warfare, in the Call of Duty franchise brings new Maps, new features and classic as well and set in the distant future. It is not yet know much about the maps for the multiplayer, but we want to share with you what we know so far. Below we listed all previously shown maps and maps of the latest installment made by Infinity Ward and describe them subsequently with the gamplay video.

- Terminal
- Throwback
- Frontier
- Breakout


This map is only available for the preorders. In Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite you can play terminal and it is a remake of one of the most popular maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The special feature of this map is that it is well balanced and has made possible a fair game. Basically, the map has not changed much. For example, the stores, which you could find in the original, the time adjusted slightly and renamed.


This map's name says it all. This is one of the maps that bring you back to the past, more specifically to the 50’s. Slated this area is, of course, in space and reflects the civilization of the 20th century, as the people of the future remember it. However, the buses that you see there are more reminiscent of a later period. You walk through barns and a bus station crossing streets and jumping over bridges. So here you have the opportunity to be active at both close and ranged combat. Probably this map is rather ordinary, yet it could be a nice change from the futuristic map of Shooters.


Frontier is one of the fastest Maps in Infinite Warfare and you have already something to watch, so you don’t proceeds in the numerous passages that quite similar. Frontier is located in the universe, like almost all the maps in Infinite Warfare. It is part of a space station and can watch it from the window and enjoy its beautiful views. One small thing seems to be quite amusing is that once you shoot an enemy, he’ll loose gravity and take off into the air. So you can still watch a while here, as he floats through the air his remaining body. In this way it is also easy to notice the enemy's death. However, we have a doubt whether you can disable his gravity shoes.


In this midsize Map, you move into a snowy landscape and see far and wide nothing but high mountains. There is a factory with two floors at the center of this map. It is possible you to sniping from windows or to surprise your opponents from above with a quick jump. Outside the complex, some transport vehicles, small houses and hills are built, behind which you can hide and sneak up on opponents. With Wall runs you overcome the abyss between the platforms to get to the enemy side.

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