ReCore beginner’s guide / tips

In Recore, you start with Joule and her robot companion bot Mack. The latter can be modified so that it will be very useful in the fight as the game progresses. In this guide, we will give you some useful tips to help you to get started in ReCore.

Recore: combat and exploration

Recore sets much on opponents. In contrast, you explore an almost open world to obtain resources. The world called Far Eden and was hit by a plague called dust devil. As a result you will encounter a lot of sand and desert, where you’ll also meet opponents who hide themselves, if you go too far away.

During combat you can use your primary weapon with which you can also give energy shots. These are stronger, but need to be charged frequently. Moreover, this strong attack also breaks through shield. Soft opponents can get using the double jump upwards. Also you have to respect on the various displays.

- This is the life bar of the opponent. Pay attention especially to the color. Later in the game you will see different colors here. Depending on whether the bar is blue, yellow or red, you may have to change your weapon or ammunition.

- This is something like the stamina bar for your ammo. Although you have infinite ammo, they have to be charged as well. If the bar is empty, you have to wait briefly.

- The sign indicates you that your companion-bot just hit this enemy. Blue is for example Mack, yellow for Seth.

- The white triangles indicate to you that you have to reduce the health of the enemy this far, to extract the core.

It is especially important that you should look the color of the enemy. Then you should choose your ammunition accordingly. It is then particularly effective. In addition, you have two possible courses of action in the fight.

- Kill an enemy completely without extracting the core, get their valuable resources that can process later.

- Extract core, you get this and turn it into fusion energy.

The extractor is your second weapon and a good tool to open doors. Thus you can extract other energy sources. If the rope is red, it is tight and you should release the button.

Improve bots workbenches and manufacture resources

The workbench is very important for Joule and her companion bots. Post combine, grind or share your resources. Once you have collected materials, go back to the crawler. Your collection items are automatically packed into the camp as soon as you enter the crawler. Then go to the workbench to crafting materials. 3 bronze items are required for a silver, 3 silver to gold. If you have an item combined, you can also share back later and get back the same amount. Grinding a commodity, you get instead credits. This is a great way to dismantle material that you don’t need.

The workbench has several features to improve your Companion. So you get in the course of Recore blueprints that let you tinker parts for the companion. For this you need the necessary material. Click Post on the blueprint, so you can see and collect the raw materials on the Map. Once you have made a part, you can install it on a companion. Under the point nuclear fusion it amplifies your companion with fusion energy. Extract nuclei of opponents, they are automatically converted into energy.

- Blue Fusion Energy: The energy of your bots is increased. Attacks load up faster.

- Red Fusion Energy: The attack of your bots is increased. Adds more damage.

- Yellow Fusion Energy: The defense is increased. The basic health of bots is higher - it can now take more hits from enemies.

The more you invest in the bot, the higher it rises in the values, the more fusion energy requires to strengthen it further. On the overview map you will see a total of all statistics, so from the shell parts and the fusion energy used.

Resources are available in 3 different levels of rarity:

- Usually: a base core with low power for normal shell parts
- Rare: a core with high quality, which is also sufficient for larger shell parts
- Unique: an almost flawless core with maximum power, which is enough for massive shell parts

More tips and tricks for Recore

- In the game world, there are hiding audio memos that tell you more about the history.

- The music is always loud when an enemy approaches.

- Flying bots can be exploded near you. So bombard them from afar.

- Search rocks with cracks. Shoot on them, they bring you resources and splinters from which fusion energy is recovered.

- Larger rocks you can destroy with yellow ammunition.

- Shoot on square boxes. They also bring you resources Splitter.

- Search big boxes. Here usually hide blueprints.

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