Porter Gage Companion / Romance Guide Fallout 4: Nuka World

The final DLC, Nuka World, for Fallout 4 brings you a new companion named Porter Gage. He is a Raider and you’ll find him very quickly. When he was at the age of 12 he ran away from home, as not to end up like his parents. At age 16 he joined the Raiders because he noticed that they get everything they want and he wanted to be Raider. Porter Gage witnessed the demise of many Raider gangs and has learned a lot. Among other things, that he won’t trust anyone.

In Nuka World, you have to fight against the Overboss Colter in Nuka Town. There you may also encounter the Porter Gage, because he is the one who helps you. You must speak to him. He will enlighten you about the circumstances in Nuka World and welcome you as a new boss. The quest An Ambitious Plan starts. Once you have completed this, you have to talk to Porter Gage again. Now he will join you for the next mission The Grand Tour and give you assistance. At this point, it is finally possible you to recruit Porter Gage.

The Skills of Porter Gage

Porter Gage is equipped with weapons, with them he can help you as good as the other companions. His weapon is a handmade gun, which is widespread among the raiders in Nuka World. He also carries his own defense, as you can see them in the picture below. He has something like an eye patch, which should not remove if you do not want to completely disappear. He also offers you a wonderful service: you can buy him items. However, this works only in Nuka World.

Porter Gage - Fallout 4: Nuka World
Porter Gage: A romance with the Raider

Start a romance with a Raider sounds very tempting, but first you have to see to it naturally that you like Porter Gage. To enter into a romance with Porter Gage: kill, threaten and think about Raider gangs that they are stupid. What you should not do, is the attacking raiders within Nuka World, because that effect you as the new Companion turns against you and leave you. If you succeed to bring your friendship to the highest level, you can then begin a romance with him. For this you will be rewarded as follows:

Lessons in Blood: With this Perk you get 5% more experience points with each kill and +10 damage resistance.

The following youtube video from will guide you into selecting the right answers in interviews and you pave the way to romance with Porter Gage.

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  1. Gage likes it when you steal, pick locks, say sarcastic or mean things. He also likes it when you use the robotics expert option on the protectrons at Dry Gulch, and LOVES it when you put 4 fusion cores in that old "ufo" instead of just 3. Trust me on this, you'll find out why once that thing kicks into gear. :D


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