Farm Nuka Cade Tickets Cheats / tips - Fallout 4: Nuka World

In the theme park in Fallout 4: Nuka World, you’ll find a game room: The Nuka-Cade. In this you can enjoy on 5 typical games and collect Nuka-Cade-tickets, you will receive them after redeem prizes. In order for you to farm lots of tickets in Nuca-Cade, in this guide we show you some simple cheats.

It attracts not only the prizes that get you Nuka-Cade tickets, but also the Achievement called "Eyes on the Prize" that you get when you manage to farm whopping 100,000 Nuka-Cade Tickets and this can also redeem.

From the Nuka-Cade token machines you get the Nuka-Cade brands (token), with which you can activate or start the games in the arcade. However, it is only possible to buy the Nuka-Cade brands with prewar money - Bottle caps are useless here.

Now you can play all the 5 games in the game room and try to earn the high score, you will get as a reward Nuca Cade tickets. The following arcade games are available to you to choose from:

- The Bandit Roundup
- Red Menace Whac-A-Commie
- Hoop Shot
- Nuka-Zapper Race
- Atomic Rollers

Then at Nuka-Cade Prize terminal you can redeem the tickets and then you can buy virtually anything. The profits are divided there in 5 price categories. Among the gains sometimes include the following items:

- Teddy bears, toys, magnetic figures
- Nuka-Cola in different flavors
- Weapons such as rockets, mini-nukes, baseball bat or a hunting rifle
- Accessories for the Power Armor
- Plasma is apparently the main prize and you need to have 28550 Nuka-Cade Tickets for that

The Bandit Roundup

Use the Nuka-Cade token start the game. Aim right before the moving targets, which can be rabbits, ducks, Nuka-Cola bottles or star. You can use the weapon "Ripper." This is a kind of chain saw. In addition, there is a melee weapon, which then continuously "strikes" if you use it. Now try to hit as many targets as possible with it. So at once you can farm over 1,000 Nuka-Cade tickets. This cheat is actually the most effective; here you can capture the most tickets. You can also use as well as any other weapon in this game. Also explosive weapons work well or those that emit radiation waves.

Red Menace Whac-A-Commie

Actually, in this game you have to take heads with the Commie Whacker, which is already at hand. But instead of this weapon you should also take the "Ripper", which then permanently "strikes". Now if you adjust your mouse very quickly, then you can really catch each head.

Hoop Shot

For this cheat you need the gun "Junk Jet", a kind of garbage Cannon. In order to farm many tickets, you should pack all equal basketballs in the weapon that you can find. Sometime they are just lying around on the floor. Other items don’t count the way, only the basketballs. Aim the gun just above the ring and hit consistently until you have almost run out of ammunition.

Nuka-Zapper Race

You should not miss to use the thirst quencher / Zapper at least once for this game, but to farm really many Nuka-Cade-tickets, you must replace the thirst-quencher with any firearm, which has a particularly high rate of fire. Just hold it, maximizing your ticket yield.

Atomic Rollers

Unfortunately, for this game, we don’t have effective Cheat yet. Here you have to earn points by using the Atomic Roller balls.

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