Recipe Locations in Fallout 4: Nuka World

With the latest DLC for Fallout 4, Nuka World, you can make many different flavors of Nuka Cola. There are recipes and which are distributed throughout and outside of Nuka-World. These drinks have different effects, and depending on your gameplay, you will be able to make good use of them.

Surely, as hardcore Fallout fans you know Nuka Cola, Nuka Cola Quantum and also Berry. They have different effects, with which you can regenerate your HP. The developers have enhanced the flavors and with new effects. But don’t rejoice too early, because first you have to find the recipes and then create the new Coke.

So far we were able to find 15 recipes, from which you can create new Nuka Cola. In addition, we found a YouTube video that shows you exactly the locations. The following list describes you the way to the recipes.

- Nuka-Rush Recipe: This recipe can be found in the zoo of Nuka-Worlds, which is located at the top of the map. Step into the Welcome Center and go to the lower level. There you will find a circle of counter and next to a terminal on the counter you’ll find this recipe.

Nuka Punch Recipe: Bottom left of the map you will find the Grandchester Mystery Hotel. Go in and walk through the red door on the left on the ground floor. Just to the left, towards the blue door with an exit sign you will find this recipe in a cupboard.

Nuka Cide Recipe: Once you enter Nuka-World, Walk to your right and go through the gate. Here you can find a shop called Cappy's Cafe. Go inside and in the back room on the table you can find this recipe.

- Nuka Love Recipe: At the bottom right of the map you will find the Evan’s home. Talk to Evan and select the option: That Would Be Great. Then you’ll get the recipe for this Nuka Cola flavor from him.

- Nuka-Hearty Recipe: While you are traveling in the Safari Adventure, you will pass a boat. From here you can see the advertising sign for Nuka Cola. Go to the house and turn right and of the stairs past through the hole in the fence. At the end of the route you turn right and in the little metal shed you will find this recipe.

- Nuka-Xtreme Recipe: On Dry Rock Gulch you’ll find a rollercoaster. Go past this and through the door to your right you can enter to the former theater. Immediately to the right is a staircase. Run up and take then the ladder on the left. On the roof you will find another Recipe.

- Nuka-Sunrise Recipe: Again at the theater, this time you should not go through the door, but past the theater entrance and go to your right. To the left of the large waving bottle you will find a door. Crack the lock (expert), go in and grab the book from the table.

- Nuka-Bombdrop Recipe: In Dry Rock Gulch, you can find a large house, Minecart Coaster, and directly left of it on the food cart is the book.

- Nuka-Ray Recipe: In the Galactic zone area you will find the Robco Battlezone building. Go inside and at the front walk the stairs down. Between the stairs there is a passage, go in and turn right into the passage. On the shelf you can find another book.

- Nuka-Cooler Recipe: At the Galactic zone icon on your map, find the Star Control. Run left around it and go through the gate to the Star Market. In one of the shelves almost or left of the entrance, you'll find this recipe.

- Nuka-Void Recipe: In the Galactic Zone, not far from the previous location, you will find a large theater, the Starlight Interstellar. Go inside and turn right. At the main area you take the door just to the left and enter a hall with numerous planets. Thereon on the counter you'll find one of the recipes.

- Nuka-Power Recipe: To the far left on the map you will find a factory (on the map it is called Nuka-World Power Plant). You must enter it through the front gate. The top of the building you will find a space in which a pool table. On the desktop you’ll find the next recipe.

- Nuka-Frutti Recipe: Later in the course of Fallout 4: Nuka-World, you come to a place called Hubologist Camp. Here is a classic diner and find therein, on a table, is another book with recipes.

- Nuka-Berry Recipe: Go to King Cola's Castle and look for the theater. Go in and turn away to the right. Go through the passage. Then enter a room with a stage. Go behind and then through the door left. Behind turn right and go through the passage to the left. Behind on the right there is a double door. Go through and in the space on the table you can find another book.

- Nuka-Lixir Recipe: This recipe is a bit hard to get. You must first travel to the Fun House and enter this. Here you have to follow the video guide since it's hard to explain, starting after 12 minutes.

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