Fallout 4 Nuka World: Raider Leader, All Aboard quest tips

In the sixth and final DLC for the Fallout 4 you will take you into the colorful world and Nuka-Cola mascot. Nuka-World brings you new quests, creatures and weapons. In this guide we will show you how to master the first quest.

In Fallout 4 Nuka World, you experience into a true theme park in the wasteland. It is set in the western part of the map. Here you step beyond the border of the map and meet new Raider groups. You will even become an active leader of them - whether you want it or not. If you follow the first quests "All Aboard" in Fallout 4 Nuka-World, you are almost reached to your destination. We show you how you become a Raider leader and especially how you survive from the tough boss fight at the end.

The DLC starts with a quest that you have to finish before you get the chance to lead the opposition Raider. It's called "All Aboard" and leads you into the new world.

- First you have to listen to you the Nuka-Cola Family Radio. After a great announcement by Korki, the Nuka-Cola mascot, you find out that you have to go to the Nuka-world transit center. This can be found in the west of the map.

- Arm yourself well before you proceed, because after you entre into the transit center you will encounter Gunner, who wants to see you dead. A boss named Kaylor may also appear. Therefore, cover and take a look, from where the shots coming.

- Once you have escaped from all enemies, you go left at the large square in the underground transit center. There, you meet Harvey, who is totally injured. He tells you that his wife and his son were captured by raiders. Offer him a Stimpak. If you have enough charisma, you will be surprised what you can elicit from Harvey. But no matter what story he told you, you get the control terminal password with which you can restore the power supply from the Nuka-Express control. The terminal for this is after the entrance to the center on the right side, in a restricted area. Do not forget to search the area for collectibles. Once you enter the password, you can restore the power. Now you can board to the front compartment of the train and tilt the lever and activate the monorail control. The journey starts.

- After the journey, you will encounter the leader of the Raider, Colter. From him you get the quest "Taken for a Ride".

- Leave and walk to the right. You see arrows that lead you down - Follow these up to a space that is designed with tripwire.

- In this room you will find a lot of traps that you should not circumvent. Try to disarm them to make the course of the mission easier.

- Go further until you see some loose boards. They collapse at the slightest vibration. So go slightly forward and let them fall down, so you know where you can move. Fall down here, you would end up on cases, if you have not disarmed. Run over the boards and also pay attention to the next room to all possible traps and mines. You are on ceilings, corners, walls and especially on the ground.

- When you come into a room with three red doors, you should stick to the left. Run up to a room with a bar in the middle. Behind is a storage room, where you will find a key.

- If you reach the access tunnel to the Nuka-World, you are attacked by a monkey and some turrets. Now, you have to kill the monkey quickly before he activates towers. Grab the key behind the monkey.

- You come to a cage with rats. Kill them before you open it to avoid RAD damage by creatures.

- Once you're poised over a path of wooden planks above the water, you enter a room with raiders. Beware of gas and include all of the valves in order to avoid greater damage.

- Run the transition to backwards and turn left. Here you will find another key. Open using the key and open the locked door to the PC a security door through which you must pass.

Boss battle in the Cola Cars Arena

You arrived almost at your destination when you reach the arena. However, you should definitely not forget the secret weapon against the boss. Use the intercom to contact Porter Gage and he will tell you that you will find this weapon in a locker behind you. Take the Thirst Zapper and collect all ammunition, which could help you in the next battle. The Thirst Zapper can stop the current Raider leader, but you still need to shoot him. Change your weapons so regularly and considering that Colter only takes damage when he is not powered.

Use the water gun to cut off the power. Try the Thirst Zapper in close range. Grenades are not particularly helping you here because Colter dodging quickly, and also avoid a lot. Once you defeat the boss, you will be the new leader of the Raider in Nuka-World.

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