The Fix (SM 08) guide - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided there is a very short side quest (SM 08: The fix). Actually, for this you really don’t need help, because it is self-explanatory and you can miss it only under certain circumstances.

Shortly after you have completed the main quest 11 or 12 Koller will contact you via the Info link. He asks you if you have the calibrator. This you have of course only if you have completed the side quest SM 04: The Calibrator. Koller tells you that your augmentations can spiff up and asks you to come by.

Talk to Koller

It pays to complete side missions SM 08, because until then you have to make sure always when activating your Augs that you get no problems with power management. Koller plays in SM 08.

- Follow the waypoint to Koller's workshop.
- Speak to Koller. Feel free to talk with him.
- Select WE DO'S and a short black screen is the "operational" ready and your systems cannot overheat.

Incidentally, you should take the opportunity to look around you in Prague. Here you will find numerous Easter Eggs.

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