Deus Ex Mankind Divided: All Endings Good / Bad - guide

In order to get the good ending in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you have to make the right decisions at certain points of the plot. There are three endings in the game, two of which are bad and one can be described as good. In our guide, we will show you how you can unlock all three endings.

All endings of the game opt into the main missions 12 and 15. Although, sidequests often refer to the main story, but don’t have to be made in order to achieve one of the endings. The good ending is most difficult to achieve but we show you how you must proceed.

First we deal with the two bad endings in the game. The main mission 15 is crucial, under which you have the choice whether you want to defeat Marchenko or to support the Delegates. Depending on how you decide here, you experience one of the bad endings. But the main mission 12 and NPC Miller play a role for the endings.

Bad Ending - 1: Save Delegates

You decide to save the delegates and for letting Marchenko ignite the bombs, you will reach one of the bad endings. For this, you must first visit to the delegates and warn them not to drink the champagne because it is mixed with the poison "orchid". Now, you have to wait 10 minutes to reach this bad ending.

Bad Ending - 2: Stop Marchenko

For the second bad ending you have to stop Marchenko and must not warn the delegates. Fight Marchenko and let the 10 minutes elapse until the delegates drink their champagne. You should complete the main mission 12 instead of 11, to have the antidote. You should not let Miller live, you can save delegates in the conference room. For this bad ending you should not give the antidote to the delegates.

Unlock Good Ending - how it works

For the good ending of the game, you must save both Miller, let Marchenko live and warn the delegates. Simply follow the below steps:

- Decide for complete the mission 12 and not mission 11. Here you have to sacrifice the daughter of the watchmaker and get the antidote "Orchid".

- Meet Miller and give the antidote to him. You will not need it for the delegates.

- Decide for the rescue of the delegates, but first go to Marchenko.

- Defeat him and enter the upper floor of the building, the secret passage that leads to the delegates.

- Under the counter in the west you will find a secret switch that you need to press to open a door behind you.

- Now follow the arrows that lead you to the room with the delegates (Executive Lounge).

- You will arrive in time and can prevent them in drinking champagne with the poison.

You can watch the following video that shows the secret passage to the delegates.

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