Best Mods for Mafia 3 - better graphics, more money and ammo

Fans of Mafia 3 are already working on modifying the game files that will change the graphics, add more money and ammo or other content to the game. The most popular mod is currently SweetFX, which removes the blur effect in Mafia 3 and replaces it with crisp colors. In this article, we will show you the best mods you can download for Mafia 3 so far. These mods are only available for the PC version.

Colour Correction/Blur Removal For Better Colors

This shader mod was released as the first modification for Mafia 3. The developer Nyclix is continuously working on this and regularly releases new versions of it. The Mod makes the colors more crisp. To install it properly, you should read the step-by-step explanation. Simply save each folder on your desktop again so that nothing can go wrong. Here you can get to the SweetFX Mod

Unlimited Ammo

At the beginning the stock of ammunition is always scarce. The arms dealer can help you with this problem - but, of course, against a certain fee. To keep ammunition in the bag, developer Masskiller1523 wrote an "Unlimited Ammo" mod, which you can find on To get even more ammo, you just have to reload.

Money Script for endless money

As for ammunition, there is also a mod for an infinite amount of money. The mod adds 9,999 $ after you have packed it into the scripts folder (with F1). After each update, you will receive $ 9,999. However, remember that the money should be stored quickly before someone attacks you. Download MoneyScripts for free. 

Car Customizations

If you find the cars in Mafia 3 are boring? Then with this Mod you can change colors, tires, rims, etc. and assemble the perfect car. The mod looks like a kind of DLC, which you can activate and deactivate. Just read the description and copy the downloaded mod into the scripts folder of Mafia 3. You also need Scripthook, which acts as an environment for scripts and makes them run. Download car customization mode.

You can find more mods on We update this article as soon as we find more useful and funny mods for Mafia 3.

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