Mafia 3: All weapons their locations and upgrades

Weapons play a role in every good shooter. Also in Mafia 3 there are again numerous weapons to help you with your adventure. You can only get a few weapons on pre-order bonuses for different editions. You will receive other weapons only at special dealers in the game or as rewards for completed events. In this guide to Mafia 3, we show you all the weapons available in the game and show you where you can find them.

Firearms for silent or simple kills

The majority of the weapons in Mafia 3 count among hand firearms. There are 14 handguns in the game that you can own. In the following table you will find all the firearms confirmed so far.

Alfredsson M200 - Subordinate revolver for households (Weapon traders (8.500 $))
Alfredsson M419 - Semi-automatic, magazine for 10 rounds, average pistol (Weapon traders)
Blackburn FAF-33 - Double magazine for more capacity (Arms traders ($ 20,000))
Clipper .44 - Semi-automatic, magazine for 10 shots, very light (Weapon traders)
Deacon .22 - Semi-automatic, silencers (Weapon traders)
Elling 9mm - Semi-automatic, 10-shot magazine, high stability and precision (Weapon traders (13.000 $))
Silenced Masterson - Silencer, magazine for 7 shots (Weapon traders)
Masterson Phoenix - Stronger than M200 (Arms traders ($ 18,000))
Masterson Semi-Auto - Standard weapon (Weapon traders (7.000 $))
Silentium Pistol - High ammunition capacity, silencer, gold plated - Pre-Order Bonus

Rifles - Karabiners and sniper rifles

The rifles in Mafia 3 shoot on medium and long distance. In total you can own 10 weapons of this category.

Camo Sniper - Manitou Model 67 with new look (Pre-Order Bonus)
Hartmann .30 - Rifle in the entry class with high accuracy (Weapon traders (7.500 $))
Hawk 4540 Night Vision - Capacity for 20 shots, two hands (Weapon trader (unlock a Vito perk))
Manitou Model 67 - Fast sniper rifle, magazine for 4 shot, high damage, precision and range (Weapon traders (10.000 $))
Mayweather .30 - Two-handed, similar to M1 Garand from Mafia 2, long distance (Weapon traders (13.500 $))
Mayweather M04A3 - Repeating gun, high efficiency, reduced fire rate (Weapon traders (15.500 $))
Praecisione .30 Rifle - High precision on long distance, gilded (Pre-Order Bonus)
Viper 55 - Magazine for 10 shots, two hands (Weapon traders (26.000 $))

Shotguns for short range attacks

In this category you will find double-barrel shotguns with two shots or even weapons with a higher capacity. This makes you perfect for close combat missions. There are 9 shotguns in Mafia 3.

Barker 1500 Tactical - Highest capacity and damage to the class (Reward of Cassandra)
Barker 390 - Magazine for 4 shot, high precision (Weapon traders (7.500 $))
Cornell 40 - High damage (Weapon traders (12.000 $))
Elmwood 1925 - Very high damage, one-handed (Weapon traders (14.000 $))
Exterminator Shotgun - High fire rate, high ammunition capacity, gilded version of Elmwood 1925 (Pre-Order Bonus)
Gator Shotgun - Alligator leather handles, gilded version of the Barker 390 (Pre-Order Bonus)
Lupara - Double shot shotgun with magazine for 2 shot, reduced accuracy with high damage (Weapon traders (8.000 $))
Riot 550 - Pumpgun with 8 shots (Weapon traders (21.000 $))

Automatic weapons with increased fire rate

Automatic weapons are simply fired - but with many bullets, the damage and accuracy are reduced. There are 15 automatic weapons are available in Mafia 3. Some have to be operated with both hands, while others can only be fired with one hand.

Alfredsson M833 - Machine gun, two hands, high fire rate and accuracy (Weapon traders (8.000 $))
Automat SG - Two-handed, high damage and accuracy (Weapon traders (25.000 $))
Binya - Machine gun, one hand, high ammunition capacity and accuracy (Weapon traders (27.000 $))
Carter M33-A - Machine gun, one hand, average values (Weapon traders (17.500 $))
Czech Ver. B-65 - Machine gun, one-handed, beginner-class SMG (Weapon traders (9.500 $))
Deutsche M11B - Highest accuracy, damage and ammunition capacity of their class, two-handed machine pistol with 30 shots (Weapon traders)
M1N8 - High fire rate, accuracy and capacity with reduced stability, two-handed machine pistol (Weapon traders (15.000 $))
Pasadena AR30 - Based on AK-47, 30-shot magazine, two-handed storm gun, very high values (Weapon traders (23.500 $))
Stromer .223 - Two-handed storm gun, high fire rate with 30 rounds in a magazine (Reward from Burke)
Trench 1938 - Two-handed machine gun from the Second World War, little damage with high accuracy, fire rate, stability and ammunition capacity (Pre-Order Bonus)

Special Weapons - Rocket and grenade

The Special Weapons category includes rocket and grenade launches, which you can use wonderfully against cars. If you want to mob in Mafia 3 properly, then decide for one of the weapons from the following.

Hartmann 7.62mm - Two-handed, with default values (From the leader of the Italian Gang Vito)
Hartmann AT-40 - Light rocket, One-shot 66-mm (As a reward from the Voodoo Queen Cassandra)
Hartmann HLP - One-shot grenade, Shoots 40 × 46mm shells (As a reward from Thomas Burke)


A well-used explosive floor can cause a lot of destruction or distraction. There are 4 items in this category.

C4 Charge - Radio signals dissipate these explosives, but not always, can be placed on the ground or attached to vehicles (Weapon traders (1.000 $))
Splittergranate - The grenade was modified to allow more shells to be hit (Weapon traders (700 $))
Molotov-Cocktail - Since Mafia 1 as a weapon, is thrown to trigger a surface burn (Weapon traders (450 $))
Screaming Zemi - Throwable weapon in three versions: 1. for curling or deflecting opponents, 2. smoke is added, 3. weapon becomes explosive (Weapon Trader Perk from Cassandra (version 1 available at $ 30,000 revenue from Cassandra, version 2 at $ 180,000, version 3 at $ 320,000))

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