Ways to Make More Money in Mafia 3

In Mafia 3, a good aspect is that you can earn some extra money relatively quickly in different ways. Whether you are in the main storyline or through one or the other part-time job - you will find possibilities. As soon as the game will be released on 07.10.2016, we will give you more information about the best ways to make money. For the time being we give you the best methods for getting into the newest part of the Mafia series.

In Mafia 3 you have the chance to manage your assets. You should do this in any case, otherwise you will lose your wealth through "unpredictable events". Even if you quickly get your money back through good investment opportunities, it's better to keep some in your pocket than spending.

Ways to Make Money in Mafia 3:

- Sell cars: As in the predecessors, it will also be possible to make money by selling cars in Mafia 3. Since you occasionally "get to the car" for free, this is a promising source of income.

- Surrender districts: Once a district belongs to you, you can continually receive money through it.

- Income: Whether through a district or other business, you should always remember to collect your income instead of leaving it in place.

- Exchanging shops: Instead of building your own stores, you can free others from the pressure of their capital. But pay attention to the effects on lawyers and owners.

- Secure money: You would never accuse for protection, but you can convince business not to give money to rival gangs and prefer you. After all, they are better protected.

- Fight Club: Very simple and without much finesse can earn money in the Fight Club.

- Play the story: By moving forward in the main story, you get a certain amount to complete your budget, each time you complete a story mission you’ll get some money

There will be even more possibilities to make money in Mafia 3: through side missions, hidden objects and what other ways to make money in the game, we will update this guide accordingly when the game is released.

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