VC farming tips, get Quick Credit in NBA 2K17

With the release of "The Prelude" in NBA 2K17, it is possible to earn credits. Any progress that you earn you will be able to adopt virtually in the game and the best part is that "The Prelude" is free. Want to know how you can rapidly farms VC in the game then check out our tips below.

NBA 2K17 - How to farm VC / Credit

In NBA 2K17, you have several ways to get fast credit. Besides "The Prelude" and the main game, there is the companion app and these three possibilities should use to farm VC. The following list shows you some options with them you can earn credits.

- NBA 2K17, already begin with "The Prelude" then attempt everything here - the different game modes and test the five player positions to receive VC.

- Play the career mode and you will be rewarded with credits for each individual game.

- Provide particularly good players and play on a high degree of difficulty in order to increase the amount of earned VC.

- The fastest way to farm VC / credits in NBA 2K17 is to use Companion app. Complete 10 games in every 24 hours to get 50 credits each.

- Look at the daily bonus. For uncovering certain cards you will receive up to 1,500 credits.

- In addition, you should always keep in mind the goals, because you achieved this, it will rain more VC.

- Look NBA 2KTV and pay attention to all the details that are shown there, because then you can answer a few questions and with each correct answer, there are more credits.

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