NBA 2K17: beginner’s guide and tips

NBA 2K17 is the latest basketball simulation game in the NBA 2K series. The game brings again new mechanisms into play, which are either loved or hated in advance. Whether you want to make your own career in NBA 2K17, your own team, just a good couch or play the co-op game with your friends successfully, we give you a few useful tips and tricks for a perfect start.

The Pick and Roll:

- Press L1 / LB to obtain assistance from a teammate. Once he puts you a block, you can shore him your back. However, pay attention that you should not wait too long or too short, so that your opponents won’t adapt to the situation.

- You can change between roll and Fade with the R1 / RB button.
(Fades are recommended if your opponent is a good middle distance thrower.)

- With R2 / RT you can change the block / pick between the left and right side. This is sometimes crucial, so you can use your strong hand better.

- If the Pick succeeded, you can still surprise your opponents. Always determined to run for the lay up or dunk, they will hardly astound.

- Therefore, use Step Backs or Hesitations to surprise passes.

Tips for Shooting

- Learn the new Lay Up. You have just as before waiting for the perfect moment for shoot. Keep the shoot button and let go when your player is expected to complete the layup and makes the thing.

- Equally you should try to practice the perfect shoot in the gym.
(Depending on what you likely, either you look at the bar below your player or his throwing motion).

- Make sure that your player is firmly planted his feet in the direction of the basket when throwing.

- Defender reduce your chances of success, but with clear mismatches (you are significantly greater than your opponents) you can shoot more.

Team and Organization:

- Get to know your fellow players. Each has his strengths and weaknesses. Even a Role Player can be a killer when he uses his strength well.

- If you have Superstars against you (which will be particularly the case in online), then use your Elite Defender to care for the Stars, so you have a good chance to get a defensive stop in spontaneous situations.

- Pay attention to the continued mismatches your teammates. If you see a teammate for a move which his opponent is clearly superior, the next pass should go there.

- Use the intentional foul against weak free-throw shooter, you have many players and can thus thwart their safe opportunities.

Tips for Passes

- Use various passes to let you easily play against opponent.

- A classic is the alley-oop, with which you can provoke not only spectacular actions, but also the number of players between you and the other players.

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