Defeat Golem, the first boss in Dragon Quest Builder

In Dragon Quest Builder, to defeat the first boss “Golem” you need either a lot of skills or a very good preparation. So you should make the appropriate items and collect the materials needed before you venture into the battle against the first end boss in Dragon Quest Builder. In this guide to Dragon Quest Builder, we will show you how to do this and how to pay attention to the various phases of the fight.

It is fundamental that you complete the Cantlin chapter 1, since you can then create many units of "Balls". In addition, you should build the green portal to secure access to the Stone Ball monster. These steps are explained in more detail in our list:

Wrecking Balls: Search the Golem and defeat him. This monster drops rock boulders, which you can use to build small bombs. In general, you should prepare at least 20 Bright Bullets / Wrecking Balls to fight the Golem. You should note that this monster can explode and thus kill you. So you should grab a steel sword and hit the monster as soon as he charges. If you are fast enough, everything is good. If you are too slow, then he will explode and kill you.

Cantlin Shield: If you have a few small bombs in your inventory, then you can use Orichalkum, which in the world behind the green portal. This material is very important because you can use Orichalkum to build the so-called Cantlin Shield, which can protect your settlement. Therefore, for the fight against the Golem you should build two shields, so that the Golem will not be able to destroy your settlement.

Tips on Fighting Against Golem

The fight against the golem is divided into three phases. It is especially important to protect your settlement from its high damage. Use your Cantlin shields and do not build them into your wall, but drop them at the right moment to block the attacks. Then you can remove them and reuse them. We introduce you to the individual phases of the fight against the first boss:

Phase 1; The Golem will begin to stand in front of your wall, throwing stones at your settlement. So walk directly in front of the city wall and set up your Cantlin shields to catch the stones. All in all, you have to defend three chunks and be fast enough to place the shields at the right moments, dismantle them and re-position them.

Phase 2: After the Golem had little success with his pebbles, he gets into frenzy and attacks you with vertebrate attacks. Use the Cantlin shields again and place them so that you can block his attacks. If the Golem comes from a different side, you have your second shield for security. As soon as you can block the Golem, he gets stifled and you can miss a boulder.

Phase 3: As a last attempt, the golem will produce many small boulders, which you simply have to kill to complete the phase.

Additional information about the Golem, the first end boss

Unfortunately you have to complete the three phases several times, so you can really defeat the End boss. The battle is not won until you have 3 bombs under it. As long as this has not happened, the golem will go through its three phases again and again. Do not use too many bullets, otherwise there will not be many left for the fight against the Golem. Make sure your inhabitants don’t suffer any damage, so they can continue to assist you in battle. If they do get something, they will be awakened from their impotence only after the fight.

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