Dragon Quest Builders: collecting, crafting and building guide

In this guide to Dragon Quest Builders, we provide you with useful tips on building and some general hints that will help you to make your adventure a little bit easier.

In you Dragon Quest Builders, you don’t level up in combat. This means your arms help maybe to survive and during the attacks upon your settlement, but at the level it rises only when your settlement grows. Your character also has no level as you are used to, but only your settlement.

The most important thing in Dragon Quest Builders is building. It is your task to bring people back to their creativity and teach them again to build themselves.

- Notice when building the boundaries of your settlement. You can see them on the illuminated surface. If you build outside, the rooms are not considered as belonging to it. In addition, you always hear a sound that tells you that you leave the settlement and the music is different in the world outside.

- Some building materials you can get only from monsters. At night you will find some monsters outside. So don’t be afraid to go farm once a night fall.

- The decoration has a particularly high priority in Dragon Quest Builders, therefore, one of the most important tips: Decorate your room extensively, because that brings you many points and your village can quickly reach the next stage.

Tips For Traveling

In Dragon Quest Builders, you will not spend your time alone in your settlement. If you want to expand the village, you need new materials from which you can produce better weapons and tools. The following tips show you what you should pay particular attention when entering into the adventure.

- One of the most important tips on the go is the travel chest / storage chest. Before you go on long journeys, you should have played the missions until you have unlocked the chest. Fortunately this does not take long, but it is essential, because you can store much more here than in your inventory.

- If you want to access the items within your chest, then you have to open the menu and click on objects. There you have two features, within which you can collect all the items you are traveling on.

- If you explore the world of Alefgard, you should always carry a spare weapon, spare armor and several hammers. In addition, it does not hurt to have a door, torch and straw mattress there, so that you can build a shelter. These additional items should be stored in your chest of your journey, so that they won’t take your inventory space.

- Alternatively, you can customize and store in your chest also a stonemason table. So you only have to worry about the appropriate materials, if you want to build something.

- Keep sufficient food in the chest or in your inventory, so that you will not starve. If your food bar empty, then you quickly lose your life energy. If you die, drop a part of your equipment. You must collect them again at the place of your death.

- Nevertheless, if you find time then you should quickly return to the settlement, then use the chimeras wing. You will get this early in the course of the missions. These monsters are not to be found everywhere. If you see some, then collect all the feathers you can find.

General Tips on Dragon Quest Builders

- You cannot press pause in the game, but if you open the menu, the world will stop automatically around you. Do not let the flickering lights confuse you. While these continue to move, but everything else (the time) freezes.

- When you destroy you always hear a sound. If it is metallic, it means that this item can not be dismantled. It may be of course that you don’t already have the appropriate tool to degrade. You will receive this in the course of the missions.

- During your gameplay you will initially release many useful items that will help you with your travels through Alefgard.

- In the game, you need a hammer so that you can mine trees, rocks and other important items. You will get this very quickly in the course of the missions. If you want the hammer, then you must first build the blue portal.

- You will occasionally reward with seed of life at the end of a mission. In addition, you can find this sometimes in chests in dungeons. Take the seed of life equal to one, for they expand your maximum HP each time by 5 points. So look for chests when you're on the road, because you can find lives and other useful items.

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