Starbound - tips for getting started (2016)

Finally, the early access phase of Starbound is over and the planet adventure game was officially released on July 22, 2016 and now shines with thousands of very positive reviews on Steam. It was a classic Kickstarter project that started in 2012. Many players supported the development of the simulation game that brings together an open world RPG character with it.

In Starbound, you have left your home and are now alone in the vastness of the universe. Unfortunately, your ship is damaged and you have only one option that is to reach the alien planet and search for those resources needed to repair your ship.

Starbound - tips and tricks at a glance

Digging: As most commodities are underground, you need a pickaxe and an ax to quickly dig a path to resources beneath the floor. Use the trench both left as well as the right mouse button, just as you come close in on the front and rear area of the rocks.

Fuel: Your spaceship needs fuel to run. In the beginning you can find coal. On your home planet it is usually well hidden. So it is best to make wooden coal using burn timber in an oven. Later in the game you can find many other materials as fuel. If you travel in another solar system, then it cost you 200 fuel units but merely changes the planet within a solar system, then you don’t need to pay for it.

Workstation: You should use your ship for the most important works. So judge your workstation and make items. Therefore, use a workbench and an oven to make a small quantity of boxes and cabinets so that you can store your resources.

Dying is expensive: If you die, it will cost you a lot of money, because then you lose nearly 30 percent of your money, pixels, as the currency is called in Starbound. Here, you can also craft Nanowrap bandages yourself without spending pixels.

The maximum out: Click the arrow in the crafting menu to the left. So you can automatically adjust the maximum number of items produced, as long as this gives your existing resources. This can be rewarding especially with bandages, but also bars or other.

Homeworld: Over time it will happen that your spaceship has enough space. In this case, you should definitely search for a planet that you designate for home planet and set up your base their. To do this, search the desired planet on the star map and use "set home" button. However, in order to select it as a home planet you must hover with the spacecraft directly through it. The best suited planets as a home are large jungle-worlds that are in the alpha sector, because here not lurking too much danger, but vast amounts of raw materials.

Management: You need food and it is best to plant them on your home planet. To farm you need a hoe that you have to get crafted. To harvest click the "E" key or by clicking on the mouse wheel, so you collect both the finished fruit and the plant itself, thus creating quick space for more.

Rear walls: It may sound funny, but we give you the tip, don’t forget to build back walls of your building, such as your base. You should not forget the rear plane because you could attack monster otherwise or other enemies through this opening.

Mark: Some planets are huge. Therefore, after landing you should mark the area then you know where you actually landed.

Rules: You will gather a mass of various objects throughout the game. To have a better overview of the items you should put them equal sort from the outset, for example, a box for the ore, a food, a cupboard for weapons etc. Only in this way you can also find everything again.

Glass: You can even make glass. For this you need very fine sand. This can be found on the desert planet.

Chests: If you find small chests, then you should collect these. They have 16 seats, as well as large chests, but they consume less space in your stockroom. Chests and cabinets can be stacked one above the other.

Stim packs: Stim packs are useful syringes give your character a short-term improvement. Red Stim packs fill your life again, blue jump you up, green and yellow ensure speed that it lights up when you hang around at night or in caves.

Clothing and cold protection: In Starbound there are numerous planets that also have all different climates, different vegetation and different atmospheres. It is not always nice and warm, like in the jungle. On some planets you need to have anything to protect from the cold. The first armor that you crafted is particularly well suited. By the way you can also use camp fire to protect against the cold.

Starbound multiplayer: Tips and Tricks

If you choose to switch from single player to multiplayer, then you will loose usually a few already activated recipes and star charts. This is annoying, because you then have to summon again the boss monster and must accordingly make the star charts for the sectors to Beta X. Otherwise, you cannot travel there easily.

Your first goal in multiplayer is to find a planet. Often there is a base that is shared by several players. Often you don’t find this base on the planet on which you are just arrived. If you want to get to a certain place, then you can enter the coordinates in the navigation program at the front of your spaceship. For this you must choose the correct sector and click with the right until you can see all the solar systems.

Now you can enter and look for the name of the solar system out the X and Y coordinates. Now click on the solar system and then select the planet, to get at the correct number, which is usually represented in Roman numerals.

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