Stardew Valley: Rancher or Tiller - which is better?

In Stardew Valley, you get the option to choose a profession between Rancher and Tiller on Level 5 of the Farming-Trees. But which one is better and what are the advantages of both skills? We show you in our guide below.

If you have achieved the Level 5 on the farming Tree in Stardew Valley, then you must choose between the profession Rancher or Tiller. The following bonuses are there:

- Rancher: Animal products are 10% more value
- Tiller: Crops (Plants harvested) are 10% more value

Stardew Valley: Rancher or Tiller - Advantages disadvantages

Especially at the beginning of Stardew Valley, in the spring, you have usually no animals, but initially concentrate throughout your Crops. Animals really worthwhile only if you have previously built a silo in Stardew Valley to store hay.

Those who want to have a neat cash boost in the summer, should choose Tiller at this point. For this, the following table is useful, showing the plants with the highest earnings: Stardew Valley: The plant seeds (Crops) with Many profit and their prices. But if you want long term earning money rather with animal products, and this is especially true in the winter, which should properly plan and opt for the profession Rancher.

Stardew Valley: Co-op Master

Before you decide, you should also refer to the specializations that later on level 10 you can filter again because of your decision:

- If you have selected Rancher, you have the choice between later Co-op Master and Shepherd.
- If you have selected Tiller, then you can choose later between Artisan and Agriculturist.

Here are the individual bonuses:

- Co-op Master: You will fast friends with co-animals, their breeding period is halved.
- Shepherd: You befriend faster with Barn animals; the sheep produce faster wool.
- Artisan: Artisan items such as wine, cheese and oil are worth 50% more.
- Agriculturist: Crops grow 10% faster.

Those who prefer an early stage relies on the tiller and yet will be Rancher later, which can but do it anyway. Given only a small entry in the save game file is needed: Stardew Valley: change profession / Skill - So you get a different specialization.

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