Stardew Valley: find Major's Purple Shorts - location

Finally summer in Stardew Valley! Now you have already reached the second season on your farm. It offers you new Seed in Pierre's Generall Store, you can catch fish and new quests. Right at the beginning of the summer Mayor Lewis has an important task for you: The Quest "Major's Shorts". A tricky exercise, the Major would handle as discreetly as possible, because he has lost his purple pants. In our guide we will show you where to find the Major's Purple Shorts.

Unlike the Quest "Robin's Lost Axe," you get more precise indications on where to find the major’s shorts.

Finding the Lewis’ shorts is not that hard, once you know where to look. It is in Marnie's room. Marnie's house is located directly below your farm. So you walk pass the cows that are located on your. Marnie's room is behind the cash counter. It is the middle room of the three upper rooms. There you can see it already: Lewis' Purple Shorts. It is located in front of the bed on the floor.

Unfortunately, this quest is not as simple to complete as you liked it, because if you now approach with your little farmer on the locked door to get into her room, then you will find most likely that you are friendly enough to enter into her room. Here are a few tips on how you can reach to the Major's Shorts:

- You need at least 2 hearts to enter into Mamie's room.

- How many hearts you have already collected - NPCs, you can find out from the menu. Press the "E" key and open the third tab (Social) with the heart on it. Scroll down now until you reach Marnie, then you see how many hearts still need to reach her.

- Gifts are the solution if you should have a few hearts.

Gifts for Marnie

Now before reach to Major's shorts, you must better make friends with Marnie. For that you need to give her gifts:

Here’s what she likes:

- Marnie loves: Diamond, Pink Cake, Pumpkin Pie

- Marnie likes: Coconut, Coral, Clam, Common mushroom, Daffodil, Dandelion, Fried Egg, Fruits (Blackberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Grape, Hot Pepper, Spice Berry), Green Bean, Hops, Nautilus Shell, Wild Plum and Hazelnut.

So Use these items to make friendly with Marnie and get to the mayor’s shorts. Incidentally, you can see on the map of each NPC’s house, if you want to gift them. Notice however that the daytime and outdoors staying NPC's and therefore can not be found them at any time in their homes.

Sure, the quest to Major's Purple Shorts will probably take a little longer, but in the end you will be rewarded with a new friend and with 750 gold.

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