Defeat Kane: Titanfall 2 boss battle guide

Titanfall 2 is the sequel to the 2014 shooter video game from EA game. As in the first part, you are sent to a distant future in which you fight alongside with Titans. These heavily armored combat robots are used in ground combat. In the new Story Campaign, you will become one with such a Titan, because you slip into the role of a pilot, who along with such a robot, become involved in missions.

In this boss battle guide, we will give you some useful tips and tactics to defeat Kane, the first boss that you will encounter in Titanfall 2.

To defeat Kane, you should go with Brute Titan. Kane himself has a shield that must be destroyed before Kane can take Titan's damage. This shield also reloads after a certain time, which is why you should attack Kane as much as possible.

Go between your attacks and cover all your weapons. Don’t forget to use your special weapon, which has to be charged first. Attacking with flame core or any other special weapon will cause considerable damage and make the fight much easier. In addition, you should keep your distance from Kane, as he will use his fire shield, which can also ward off your shots. Try to evade the fire beam with blows. The shield of the tone loadout is also helpful as it can interrupt the beam of flames and provide protection. If your life energy in the fight tends to end, you can collect the batteries around the area, which fill the bar again a little.

Follow these tips and Kane will not be a problem for you!

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