Dragon Quest Builders: find defeat all dragons - locations

In Dragon Quest Builders, if you want to take all challengers in the first chapter then you have to encounter all three dragons. The battles are not easy, so you should prepare for it. What weapons and armor you should equip with, and when you should take the dragon, we'll show you below.

In Cantlin chapter, once you have found the blacksmith you will be able to use a furnace. This allows you to forge steel weapons and also you get plan for an armor suit at the end of the chapter.

You will need these items to fight against the dragons. In addition, you need to equip with at least 10 to 20 wrecking balls. Besides, don’t forget to eat before the fight and take enough healing. Medicinal herbs offer a high number of LP. If you have made these preparations, then you can go and face all three dragons.

Locations of all three dragons

The 3 dragons are located in different worlds, and you don’t need take them all at once. You can take one by one and you can take enough rest. The following list shows the locations of all dragons:

Dragon no. 1 - The first dragon you’ll find in your world. So you don’t need to use a portal to get there. From the settlement, walk south-west until you see a tall tower. Behind it you can already see the high mountains. Run over the mountains or circle them. Behind them on a grass surface you’ll find the first monster. If you kill the dragon, you get a comfortable sofa that adds a space to 500 points.

Dragon no. 2 - To find this dragon you must travel through the blue Teleportal. There you’ll find a castle, where you have picked up the shelter as part of a quest. Here you can find the ostentatious items with which you can build your settlement. To find the second Dragon, you climb again the mountain, which is opposite the castle. But you are not going down, you don’t want to go to the castle. Run on the mountain towards north-west. Behind the mountain you will find the second dragon, which gives you a nice fireplace after the victory. This will give your room another 500 points.

Dragon no. 3 - Use the red teleporter to go to the desert and to find the last dragon. Run to the north-west until you get to a lake. Cross it and climb again on the other side to the north-west. From the top of the mountain you can see a valley. With many trees and a small mini lake. Walk past this one and then pass between the two mountains. Behind them you find another small lake and the last dragon. If you defeat this dragon, you will get a pretty piece of jewelry that you can put in the "equipment" menu. It is a dragon scout, which increases your defense by 5 points.

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