Farming Simulator 17: collect and use grass, hay and straw

Grass, hay, straw and chopped material are secondary products in the Farming Simulator 17, which can be further processed for many other uses. Grass grows all over the map in FS 17. To cut it, you need mowers such as the Lely Splendimo 320 FC and Lely Splendimo 900 MC, which you dock at the front and rear of your tractor. This allows the grass harvest to start. However, there are many more details to consider, which we will explain in the following.

Now the cut grass or hay is still lying on the ground and must be collected. You have two options.

- Dock a rake such as the Kuhn GA 9531 to your tractor and drive over the cut grass. This means that it is put together in a swath and then can be conveniently collected using a loader car like the Bergmann Repex 34S.

- Alternatively, you can mount a baler like the New Holland BB 1290 to your tractor and process the grass into hay bales.

Farming Simulator 17, Holland BB 1290, Tractor
LS 17: Use Grass And Hay Properly

Grass and hay can be used in a variety of ways. This includes:

- As feed for your animals.
- For the production of silage.
- Alternatively, you can sell grass directly at unloading points (the yellow arrow on the map).

If you have used the bale press to process grass into hay bales, you can continue using it for the production of total mixes. TMRs are the best feed for your cows and the production is worth it! For this, you also need the Siloking Trailedline Duo 1814 mixing truck, in which the TMR is stirred together.

If you want to ferment the hay bales instead to silage, you need a bale wrapper like the Ursus Z-586.

LS 17: Use Straw And Shredded Material Properly

During the harvest of wheat or barley, you can adjust harvesters such as the New Holland CR10.90 to leave straw swaths. Straw swaths can be processed like grass to straw bales with a bale press. Of course, you can also pick up straw with a loading wagon and sell it directly at the unloading points.

Alternatively use it for the following purposes:

- As a litter for cows.
- For the production of total mixes.
- Further processing to shredded material.

You can obtain shredded material mainly by harvesting maize. With forage harvesters, cutters and trailers, you can get shredded material directly as a byproduct. However, shredded material also falls during the harvest of wheat, barley, rape, grass or straw.

Silage with Shredded Material

You can use chopped material mainly for the production of silage. You can do this as follows:

- Transport your shredded material to a driving silo. You can find them at your cow shed or near the biogas plant.
- If you have filled the driving silo to 10% with chopped material, it can be compacted to silo heaps.
- Drive with your tractor again and again, until it is condensed.
- The fermentation process can then start. Do not forget to lay a plan over the silo.
- You can take the finished silage with a front loader like the Kramer KL 30.8T with mounted Lizard silage fork.
- Then transport them directly to a mixing car for a TMR or give them directly into the feeding trough for your animals.

Alternatively, you can win silage from hay bales directly with a bale wrapper.

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