Farming Simulator 17: Fix crashes, lags and not starting

The Farming Simulator 17 (FS 17) is already available on the market and some players complain about game crashes and other issues such as the non functioning account display or problems with the steering wheel. FS 17 will probably get a lot of patches in the coming days and weeks, which should minimize these errors and crashes. But until then, the players themselves have to take care of them. Therefore, we have listed some useful solutions to the most common FS 17 problems.

FS 17 Does Not Start: Avoid Game Crashes

Unfortunately, there are other reasons and problems that lead to FS 17 crashes. So far, not many solutions are known and the hope for patches and updates is great. An old-known solution to problems when starting or running in the game is updating the graphical drivers. Often this can help.

There are also reports from players who have received good help from the official support of the FS 17. In some cases, the developers can provide quick tips to solve the crash problems and allow you to start without problems.

Also update your Windows version can provide a remedy for not starting issue:

- Go to the system control.
- Look for "System and Security".
- Click on the "Windows Update" sub-item and then click "Check for Updates".

Steering Wheel Problems

FS 17 players like to use a steering wheel and pedals and control when they are traveling with the tractor - So the driving experience equals more real. However, users complain that the LS 17 crashes after the start or does not even start.

But you can easily solve the steering wheel problem: Remove the USB cable for the steering wheel from your PC. Now restart the FS 17 and then reconnect the cable to your PC. Now the steering wheel should be functional.

If you have the Logitech G27 steering wheel, then this solution could help you.

Account Balance is not Displayed Correctly

In FS 17 multiplayer, there is a problem that the account balance is not displayed correctly: for sales, purchases or the receiving a loan.

Apparently, this is a classic bug, the developers want to fix with a patch soon. The only thing that has worked with players is to use a dedicated server for the FS 17. However, we probably just have to wait a bit and hope for the patch.

No Animals - In Chinese, Korean and Russian

The developers already known this problem and they are working on it, there will be a hotfix for it.

Problems with the multiplayer

In the FS 17 multiplayer, there are also some problems. Here, 16 players can combine farming. Remember that the computer from the host accordingly required to provide power. In addition, all must have the same version number of the game. Otherwise, you can update the game. So be sure to check out the automatic updates on Steam.

There are problems with the missions that don’t work in multiplayer. However, there is no solution yet. We all hope for an early patch from the developer to take care of these issues.

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