FIFA 17: Story Mode guide / tips

In FIFA 17, the story mode promises an exciting story around the young footballer Alex Hunter. In story mode called "The Journey," we play as Alex Hunter both on the field and outside. For example, in interviews where, as in the best Mass Effect mode, he may be friendly or lazy. In addition to Alex, his friend Gareth Walker and grandfather Jim Hunter are also featured in the story. The story itself will always go on at the same time, but Alex's decisions have an impact on his performance on the pitch.

One of he most important tips for story mode is the choice of the team because that's the first decision you must take in "The Journey" mode. In the Premier League you have 20 teams to choose from and these are evaluated differently. When you choose your favorite team, you must think carefully whether you can meet the requirements of the trainer.

Here, we recommend you to start the first round of "The Journey" with a small or medium-sized club. Since it is possible to play more often the story mode, you can put forward a stronger team in the following rounds. For more tips on "The Journey", you can see below.

Position: Striker - If you decide to complete the story mode as a striker, then you should definitely on your speed, focus your dribbling and your skills. These are the main attributes of the striker. If you are good with other skills, then you look for the other positions.

Position: Central Attacking Midfielder - Here you should put on your dribbling and shooting skills their value. Especially you should be able to give passes. If you are a player who likes penetrate into the box for scoring goals, then decide for the striker.

Position: Outside (Right and Left) - Outside whether right or left need more speed than any of the other positions. If your dribbling and passes are still good, then you just need to bear in mind the weak foot when it comes to deciding on the left or right.

Options Dialog: Decide in advance whether you want to impress your manager, your fans or both equally. Look at the possible answers always accurate and speculate what conclusions they might lead and decides alone.

Hot headed (flame symbol): If you want to gain the favor of your fans, then decide for cheeky responses but again not like your manager.

Cool: The symbol for the cool answers is a snowflake. There are relaxed and down to earth answers that your managers are very like but the fans find you here boring.

Impact: Do not forget when choosing your decisions that they influence the behavior of Alex in the game. This you should also bear in mind when choosing the dialogue options.

Reward: The end of the story mode

In FIFA 17, the story mode is known to have multiple endings, but no matter how you play you will be rewarded in any case. The best thing about the rewards of story mode is that it applies for the Ultimate team.

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